News Bits: 7/3/10 Edition

HunanTV in China will begin filming the remake to Autumn in My Heart this August. The lead actor will be Zhang Han, known famously for his role in Meteor Shower. The second male lead will be played by Dennis Oh (I didn’t realize he could speak Chinese… or they may end up dubbing his lines). But fear not if you don’t like remakes – the production company stated that the drama will not be as dramatically heavy (thank God) and will have a more modern twist to it.

John Woo (Mission Impossible II, Red Cliff) is producing a new film with Michelle Yeoh and Barbie Hsu (of Meteor Garden) called “Reign of Assassins.” The film is about Michelle Yeoh’s character finding herself in possession of an ancient monk’s remains, and having to escape assassins. Barbie Hsu plays a “sex-craving” assassin, which goes waaay far from her usual image.

John Woo’s other project “Ji Lang Qing Chun” also stars Huang Xiao Ming and Chen Qiao En as a coach/boyfriend and dragon boat rower respectively. Huang noted that his character was perfect – as in super perfect – because he’s the boyfriend who supports and encourages his hot girlfriend (Chen Qiao En will be in a bikini to draw in the male crowds) along. Where is the conflict in this film!?

Gu Hye Sun reportedly said during an interview that when she saw her company president (YG Entertainment’s Yan Hyun Suk) date and fall in love, she realized she wanted to do that too. And the moment she has a boyfriend she’ll get married. O_O Yes – because everything must happen immediately for this girl – she must be a writer and artist after she succeeds as an actress, and then become a director after that, and now she’s just as ambitious with her love life. Yep – guys are not intimidated by her at all.

Puffy AmiYumi, the Japanese rock girl duo that had their own little cartoon (all I remember is the cartoon), will be performing at the 2010 New York Anime Festival. The festival takes place on October 8-10 at Javits Center, and the duo will take part in panel discussions and autograph sessions.

Wish Upon a Star‘s Joo Ji Won (she played middle child Cho Rok who had a crush on Lee Kyun) will take part in the play “Yobo, Thank You” for her next project. The play centers around an immature husband and a wife who is the head of the household. Joo is their daughter. It’s already begun it’s run in Korea at the Lee Hae-Rang Theater in Dongkuk University.

source: asianfanatics, allkpop, dramabeans


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