News Bits: 7/31/10 Edition

It’s the end of July!

Prosecutor Princess also released it’s Director’s Cut DVD! It’s a pretty package with plenty of goodies (all thanks to fervent fans who insisted on getting a few more hours with their precious Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo). I didn’t get one, as I had blown all my money on a You’re Beautiful DVD set, but boy am I jealous… I would love some more Park Shi Hoo. The extras include behind the scenes, NG’s, cast and crew interviews, and other stuff – but it’s not subtitled. Only the drama is subtitled. (Time to brush up your Korean!) Unlike You’re Beautiful, it seems that you can still order this special edition DVD (whereas the former had to be ordered by a certain time period).

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News Bits: 7/30/10

Lovely Jang Geun Suk posed for famous Korean photographer Jo Se Hyun to be part of a photo exhibition titled “Beautiful Eyes.” The idea behind the exhibition was “a person’s story is told with their eyes and that a person will look beautiful if he/she has a beautiful gaze.” Jang was featured alongside Park Ye Jin (Queen Seon Deok), Bae Jong Ok (The World They Live In, On Air), and Jang Mi Hee (Prince’s First Love) and other celebrities. Proceeds from the event will go to World Vision. I love seeing him more natural than all made up for his roles.

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News Bits: 7/29/10 Edition

Kwon Sang Woo is definitely not getting off scotch free from his hit-and-run accident earlier this month. He was fined 7 million won (approximately US$6,000). This is higher than the 5 million won that he was indicted with by prosecutors a few weeks ago. A court official explained the judge’s harsher ruling as done “in consideration of the social responsibility he holds as a popular celebrity and the fact that he fled from the accident at that time.” Booya. I love it when the court is harsh on celebrities. Call me mean, but I hate favoritism in general.

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More Photos from ‘Runaway’

Pictures of Lee Na Young and Daniel Henney showed up where they are both in costume as they shoot in Japan.

Lee is dressed as a cruise stewardess, most probably because she is in disguise as she chases after the secret treasure. Henney on the other hand looks crisp and casual for his character as a shipping tycoon who falls in love with Lee’s character.

Lookin’ fine….

source: asiae

‘Gloria’ Press Conference

I rarely pay attention to weekend dramas – and the upcoming Gloria starring Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji Suk, and Lee Chun Hee definitely wasn’t on my radar.

They held a press conference today for their drama, which begins airing this weekend. The following is an excerpt of that press conference. Those present also included director Kim Min Sik, writer Jung Ji Woo, Oh Hyun Kyung, So Yi Hyun, and Lee Jong Won.

It sounds like a meaty drama, and I’m not entirely sure based on this press conference what the romantic love lines are. Usually I’d say it’s a Seo Ji Suk-Bae Doo Na-Lee Chun Hee triangle, but since this drama is also 50 episodes long, there might be two love triangles. Lee Jong Won said that he gets involved in a different love triangle with Seo Ji Suk and So Yi Hyun’s characters too.

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News Bits: 7/28/10 Edition

Angelina Jolie appeared in Seoul for the premiere of her movie “Salt” in Korea. She told reporters that her kids were a fan of Rain, and that she thought he was cool as well. (Optimist side of me says, “Alright!”; Pessimist side of me says, “Did she do research beforehand?”) Jolie also said that if a Korean director brought a good story for her to act in, she would consider working with him.

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‘Into the Fire’ – A Review

You know I love a movie when I write twelve posts that have mentioned this movie in one way or another. So, one way or another, I was going to watch this movie.

“71-Into the Fire” is angling for an Oscar nomination, and perhaps a win, and I don’t blame it. It is really good. I don’t know if it will win just yet, since I don’t know what other films are going up against it, but it would be nice if “Into the Fire” won.

I will avoid spoilers as much as possible.

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