News Bits: 6/28/10 Edition

BIG NEWS! Wheee!

Yoon Eun Hye has been confirmed for her comeback drama – and it will be in the drama series Love Song, or as it was previously known, Comrades, Almost a Love Story. (It’s Hong Kong title was Tian Mi Mi). In this drama remake, Yoon will take on the main female role opposite Park Yong Ha as Yoo Chae Hwa, the “unforgettable” first love of a man, who comes to Korea from China.

I am now DOUBLY excited for this – with reservations. I was very excited for My Fair Lady and was bored to death and disappointed. I hope the same does not happen with this drama, and if I do watch it, it will probably be the first melodrama-romance I’ve seen in a while. I’m hoping that Yoon can immerse herself completely in this role, because when she does, she’s good. It’s also about time she has a hit. She’s been pretty consistent so far in having a one-hit-one-miss record. (Goong: hit; Vineyard Man: miss; Coffee Prince: mega hit; My Fair Lady: miss.)

Ai Otsuka, a Japanese singer well known for her singles “Sakuranbo” and “Planetarium” (which was one of the songs for Hana Yori Dango), recently got married to rapper SU of the hip-hop group RIP SLYME. (What is up with these names for bands…?) SU, nearly ten years older than she, and she met while working on one of her songs last year. Though they denied their relationship to the press, Ai Otsuka announced their marriage on her website.

Gu Hye Sun‘s new drama The Musical will be going to New York City’s Broadway to film the first few episodes. Her character will meet Daniel Choi and Ok Joo Hyun in the city. Based on the series description, it sounds like a musical version of On Air and The World They Live In. Hmm… all I wonder is – will I get to see them?!

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child has released its official posters. It takes the official photo shoot and improves on it with actual design. The last photo is really weird though – it looks more cartoonish than the previous two. At least Kim Yoo Jung‘s once-oddly-unrealistic makeup looks better in context for the first two posters.

By the way, Coffee House has once again resumed! Whee! Can’t wait to watch!

source: dramabeans, asianfanatics, asiae, popseoul


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