News Bits: 6/26/10 Edition

And, the South Korean Red Devils are no more… 😦 They lost to Uruguay 2-1 today during the Round of 16. Oh boy was the goal struck by Lee Chu Young something!

Anyways, another cast member has been added to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Hong Sisters’ alum Byun Hee Bong (God of Study, the sickly grandfather in My Girl) will star as Lee Seung Gi’s grandfather. I’m betting that he’s going to be the lovable, amusing grandfather who loves Shin Min Ah‘s gumiho, and will constantly slap his dorky grandson on the head. 😀

Lee Seung Gi also changed his twitter profile to In case you’re following.

Some behind the scenes photos were released of Shin Min Ah as well, wearing the shirt of Cha Dae Woong. Looks like someone just woke up…

Apparently, Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi’s chemistry is really good, thus upping the ante of how good this drama will be. If there’s anything, the Hong Sisters know how to pick actors.

Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk arrived today (or yesterday in Japan time) for an A.N.Jell fan meeting. Lee Hong Ki greeted the fans via video, as he was most likely busy with his own band’s activities (same goes for Jung Yong Hwa). Here are some pics from the event. The two of them sang some of the songs from You’re Beautiful and answered questions.

There is also a video of them singing (with the infamous “saranghae” part where Jang usually looks at Park when he sings it, but this time she’s unresponsive. Looks like she’s not keen on doing fan service today! haha). It’s shaky at first, with some hands getting in the way – but stick with it!

source: lsg blog, shiro401 @soompi, park-shi-hye international, dc gallery, pamelataku2010 @youtube


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