Park Shi Hoo Featured in Japanese Magazine

Because you know I can’t get enough of Park Shi Hoo right now…

Park Shi Hoo was featured in a Japanese magazine, which coincided with his visit there because of fan meetings. Hence – photo spam!!

I also interspersed the photos with a translated segment of what happened during his fan meeting in Osaka, but it’s not the interview in the magazine.

Oh – he looks so fine!

Sohu Entertainment News – Recently, because of the popularity of Prosecutor Princess, it brought about a “Seo Byun Wave” and so Korean actor Park Shi Hoo went to Osaka for a fan meeting. In order to prepare for this fan meeting, Park Shi Hoo went under the guidance of 015B member in Korea and underwent a “Dance Special Training”. That day, he opened the fan meeting with a dance with a sexy female dancer, which elicited repeated shrieks from the audiences.

During the talking segment, Park Shi Hoo praised Osaka’s okonomiyaki and relished, “Last night I ate a lot, and originally I was not going to eat so much for this year’s fan meetings.” He said this as he pointed out his round stomach. He also revealed that when he used to live alone he tried to master cooking “but now he has very little opportunities to do so,” “and since he lives with his mother, she usually cooks him a lot of good food to eat.” Interestingly, the female host (who was managing the event) asked him when he decided to become an actor. He was silent for a while, and it wasn’t until a long time before he bluntly replied: “Actually I never thought of becoming an actor. It was out of a friend’s suggestion that I decided to go to Seoul and try to earn money.” AlthoughProsecutor Princess hasn’t been officially broadcasted in Japan yet, this “Seo Byun Wave” has already arrived. Park Shi Hoo also expressed, “This drama is one of my favorite works, because everyone in the cast and crew were cheerful during the time we filmed it.” In reference to another drama that was popular in Japan, Family’s Honor, to this day Park Shi Hoo has a fear of biker gangs after being attacked and injured by one.

Interestingly, during the Q&A session a fan asked how he relieved stress, Park Shi Hoo said he’d do sports “that were rough and helped relieve stress, and recently (he) liked to go alone to the Han River and just shout, which is not a bad method.” In the past he would shout at home, but that elicited the complaints of neighbors, even getting a notice from the police too.

Although in Prosecutor Princess his coupling with Kim So Yeon received favorable reviews, there were many fans who were curious as to whether they sparked off screen as well. To this, Park Shi Hoo gave the answer, “Never would I make the drama into truth,” (basically – he’ll never get with the leading lady in the drama offscreen). Furthermore, he honestly admitted, “I’ve had three ex-girlfriends.” During the fan meeting, Park Shi Hoo also covered a famous Japanese singer, Ozaki Yutaka‘s song “I Love You” in Korean, his sexy husky voice winning over a lot of the fans and causing them to cheer.

According to the Japanese agency for Park Shi Hoo, because of the warm reception of the fan meeting there will be future ones held in other cities.

source: ccandrea and zombie @soompi, psh baidu bar, dindin @LI,  korea sohu


8 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo Featured in Japanese Magazine

  1. when he smiles, he makes me think that this world is full of peace ^^ love from indonesia. hope he could meet a good girl to be his wife later.

  2. Notice that PSH’s comments on Kim So Yeon in all his subsequent interviews are different. In a 2011 interview, he admitted that he was thinking of PP when filming QOR… And So Yeon is like Ma Hye Ri and Ma Hye Ri is his ideal girlfriend…. And also much more on KSY …..hahaha….notice all these interviews are not translated to English…hahaha

  3. I think sihoo is adore moon chae won so much.he look comportable with her.he said that he did trust with is just like he meet again with moon chaewon in drama tpm after five years separated can also called fate.btw love his gaze he shown everytime he with’s feel different with his another co-star before….wonhoo fighting!

  4. Woohoo Shipper – Honestly I’m not sure how well you really know Park Si Hoo, but I myself am his fan since 2008 and have been following all his news and dramas since then….I had also watched TPM and all the BTS…honestly I don’t feel that his gaze towards MCW is special…Each of us is entitled to our own view, and of course u can continue your shipping and hoping as long as u don’t start going around spreading groundless rumour…Any frequent visitors to Korean websites will know that there are NO rumour between PSH and MCW in Korea….

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