ATHENA Update 2.0

The cast of ATHENA just keeps on growing. Lee Bo Young (The Birth of the Rich, Harvest Villa) has been added as the president’s daughter. She is an unassuming graduate student who gets kidnapped while attending a school in Italy. Her kidnapping sets off a series of motions that get our heroes (Jung Woo Sung, et al at NIS) moving. Perhaps she’s kidnapped by the infamous ATHENA, headed by Cha Seung Won? All I hope is that Choi Si Won develops an unhealthy and adorkable crush on her. Hee!

(By the way – the photo comes from a past photo shoot – but the dark edgy theme to it certainly sets her off on the right foot for the series, don’t you think?

And below here is a first look at the promo posters for ATHENA! (They’ve already begun shooting.)

I’m starting to get confused on who’s who in the drama. So! On the “bad side”/ATHENA, we have Cha Seung Won as the leader Son Hyuk (equivalent to Baek San of IRIS). [He is looking so badass I love it. He is reminiscent of T.O.P‘s badass promotional photo, but cooler.]

Su Ae plays a profiler within South Korea’s NTS and is also a double agent (similar to Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee), except Seung Hee never did anything outrightly traitorous).

[Su Ae is rocking the sexy vibe here – she looks like she’s going to be shedding that “sweet” image she has with just this photo. I can tell she’s going to be better than Kim Tae Hee, and if she’s not – I’m going to kill the producers of this show!]

Jung Woo Sung plays Jung Hyuk, the top spy in NTS (equivalent to Lee Byung Hoon‘s character). [Looking sharp…but his poster’s kinda blah…]

On his side are Choi Si Won as Jun Ho (a data analyst who wants to be just like Jung Woo Sung! sunbae), and Lee Jia as Jae Hee (an agent working in European-based National Anti-Terror Service).

[Choi’s photo makes him look so much like a noob compared to his colleagues, which is a good thing for his character but also makes him look like he’s a) from a different era, and b) a bit like Jung Joon Ho. Lee Jia’s photo reminds me of Kim So Yeon‘s promotional photo even though it’s not exactly the same. But the whole mysterious side profile? Yeah. But she is SO NOT going to top Kim So Yeon’s performance.]

Kim Min Jong‘s North Korean Kim Ki Soo is an intelligence agent that gets arrested by South Korea and starts assisting Jung Hyuk (he’s sort of like Kim Seung Woo‘s character except he agrees to help the protagonist far earlier than Kim Seung Woo did). And in the middle of all this is Lee Bo Young’s daughter-of-the-president character, who probably brings them all together.

[Like with Jung Woo Sung’s photo…not much to say]

My guess for the plot? Lee Bo Young gets kidnapped and sparks the interest of Lee Jia’s character. Jung Woo Sung, Su Ae, and Choi Si Won are then spurred to find and retrieve the daughter, and have to work with Lee Jia. While Choi develops an unhealthy crush on Lee (Bo Young or Jia – doesn’t matter!), Lee Jia and Su Ae find themselves in a battle for Jung Woo Sung. Then the clues lead to Kim Min Jong, whom they then track down and find is actually innocent – but he knows a thing or two about ATHENA. Enter Cha Seung Won in a blazing chariot of glory as he tries to defeat Jung Woo Sung… with perhaps the help of Su Ae.

Did I spoil it for any of you already? 😀

Oh, and here are the IRIS posters for reminder’s sake:

source: dramabeans, allkpop, lilcrash @soompi


3 thoughts on “ATHENA Update 2.0

  1. IRIS’s posters were so much cooler. What’s with Si Won’s and Jung Won Sung’s style??? They seem like two Elliot Ness’ era detectives who found a time machine and joined the NTS. “Kewl! New weapons!” 😛 All in all, I’ll be watching 😆

    • i know right? especially with Si Won – you can play that game “which one of us is not like the other!?” and the answer would be siwon. 😛 i SO CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS. i wanna recap it 😛 😆

      • Hahahaha, this is totally recappable (?). I expect a lot of action, nonsense and more badass action. PLEASE DON’T RUIN IT, WRITERS!

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