The Top Korean Stars of China

Plenty of Korean stars are now being voted as top actresses in China.

First, Kim Nam Joo (of Queen of Housewives and the upcoming sequel Queen of Tears) was declared one of the top ten Asian actresses by China Entertainment TV. She was listed alongside Ethan Ruan, Mike He, Rainie Yang, Wilbur Pan, and Joseph Cheng, and was going to be the only Korean actress on the list.

THEN it was announced that Gong Hyo Jin was added to the same list (not so special anymore, eh Kim Nam Joo?). They would both be attending a ceremony that takes place on June 19 in Shenzhen to receive their awards. Both were popular because of their dramas Queen of Housewives and Pasta, respectively.

But that’s not all! Now, Park Shin Hye has also been voted as top female Asian star by a Chinese entertainment website. The top male star title goes to Kim Hyun Joong. The poll was conducted by the EASY magazine, which features entertainment news from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Though she is currently filming the movie “Cyrano Agency” (to be released in September), she will be in Japan on June 26 with her costar Jang Geun Suk in a fan meeting for You’re Beautiful.

Aiyoo… all these popularity contests just based on whether the people get to vote, the fans hog the website, or the ratings of their dramas… While I do not deny that these actresses have strong acting skills (although I think Park Shin Hye won because the fans spoke), it’s still kind of too superficial for me.

source: asiae


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