News Bits: 6/16/10 Edition

C.N. Blue will be hosting their first live concert ever on July 31st – a concert that is solely theirs. It will be held at the AX Hall in Seoul. And if you can’t wait until then, you can check them out in a new spread in Vogue Girl.

Gu Hye Sun‘s new single: Like it?

Kim Yeo Hee finally released a music video that looks more like the real thing. It doesn’t have videos of her amateur singing on iPhone applications, but it’s still not that impressive to me. Some of it looks like they shot it at her home, but the lighting is great. I guess it does also convey her roots – how she started just by singing to a camera at home, and eventually ended up in a studio recording her first single.

Are there any (former) Mike He and Rainie Yang shippers out there? I used to be one – and it just depresses me to find out now that he was actually interested in her. (Onscreen chemistry really DOES show offscreen chemistry!) He admits that he was once interested in Rainie and Ariel Lin, but because he was too cowardly (or lacked confidence, as he says), he didn’t pursue it after his dramas ended with them. He admitted this during an interview for his film “You Deserve to be Single,” which follows three contemporary couples as they pretend they’re not interested in love, and yet secretly crave for a partner. Ugh – I’m so disappointed in you Mike He Jun Xiang. Don’t be like other cowardly men! Go forth and ask Rainie out already! She’s probably waiting for you – since she’s not dating anyone either!

“Into the Fire” has been invited to the 30th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival as the closing film. The festival will be held from October 14-24, and the film is scheduled to show on October 22. Director Lee Jae Han and actors Cha Seung Won, Kwon Sang Woo, T.O.P., and Kim Seung Woo are all scheduled to attend. It’s attracting a lot of attention stateside, so this increases it’s likelihood of being the first Korean film nominated for Best Foreign Film for the Academy Awards. (OHHH YEAHHHH!)

source: popseoul, youtube, allkpop, asianfanatics, asiae


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/16/10 Edition

  1. Gu Hye Sun’s single is nothing new or wow inducing (in fact, it seems like background/elevator music), but I kinda like it. Perhaps it’s just the mood I’m in or that it’s perfect for autumn 🙂

  2. Wow Mike He, really?!? You lost your chances there, buddy. I was never really on the Mike He-Rainie Yang couple boat but rather the Hebe Tien-Mike He one. I can’t really pinpoint why. Perhaps it’s because the Bullfighting OST was quite catchy and addicting.

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