News Bits: 6/15/10 Edition

T.O.P. is finally releasing a solo single! (About time really – after Taeyang and G-Dragon’s solo albums, and Daesung even singing a duet with Lee Hyori, I was waiting for when T.O.P. would do something on his own musically.) The single is “Turn It Up,” and you can check out the teaser below.

Many mention about his eyebrow raising to the beat – and I see why. It really is cool – even though it’s a simple move.

The single will be released on June 21.

Lee Hyori will also not be following up her single “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Though it might have been expected – considering she had three hits on her fourth album – the Cheonan Incident and the World Cup had led to postponements for her activities. I guess since it’s been a while, the momentum has slowed down. In addition, her contract with her management company is coming to an end, so that would further explain why her promotional activities have slowed.

The drama Painter of the Wind was awarded the “Asian TV Series Special Award” at the Shanghai TV Festival (the one that Park Shi Hoo attended as a representative for South Korea).

Um… I really hope Min Hyo Rin doesn’t become another Yoon Eun Hye (singer-turned-actress-turned-model track). These photos for Ceci Magazine sure do remind me of it…

Because Gu Hye Sun is always in the news with another project in store…: she will be releasing a digital single “Brown Hair” tomorrow. She composed and wrote the song herself too.

The female lead to Park Jae Beom‘s upcoming film “Hype Nation” has been given to singer T-ae, who hails from a new upcoming girl group RaNia (which is another one of those transnational 6-girl groups with members from Korea, China, and Thailand). She will play Park’s younger sister.

Who wants to bet she’s also the girl who wants to join the big boys and be on their b-boy dance team, but big brother Jae Beom won’t let her. And so she rebels, but also manages to catch the eye of the leader of the American dance crew. And they have a forbidden romance that they try to hide from Jae Beom, but alas! they are found out.

And everyone – say farewell to Lee Dong Gun! (By the way, he informed people of his enlistment two days prior to his actual departure so that there wouldn’t be any fanfare when he left. How modest!)

source: seoulbeats, asianfanatics, asiae, popseoul, dramabeans


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/15/10 Edition

  1. TOP looks freaking sexy in the teaser. But I’m not feeling the song itself tho. Hopefully it actually sounds better than the teaser.

  2. Really, I’m not digging TOP’s song. I didn’t even like the eyebrow. Things started with the wrong foot for me with the drummer girl and her lack of rythm and love for her life, actually (she seems so uninterested, like “heeyyy, I had to do this to pay for my school fees, but my parents are gonna kill me. Oh, God, this is so embarrassing”). Then, his attitude throughout the video is so plastic and unnatural and when he touched that woman’s back as if it was an instrument (or whatever), I said OK I’M OUTTA HERE, TOPPY BOY. Let’s see what happens when the whole song/MV are released.

    Aaaand, you had to mention Park Shi Hoo, right? šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

  3. hehe – i’m just excited he’s getting a solo single for himself!! the song in itself is nothing new or amazing…unless the tease is purposely misleading.

    @aberdeen_angus: of COURSE! i should see how many posts i can put up and find ways to naturally insert park shi hoo in them – LOL! until i move on to a new guy (kang ji hwan is kinda working – but two weeks of no coffee house isn’t helping him remove thoughts of park shi hoo), i will have seo byun fever!

  4. Author Lee has nothing on Seo Byun. Nothing. There, I said it.

    (can I go all fangirly?)


    Hahahaha šŸ˜›

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