Dal Ja’s Spring – A Review


Why I didn’t watch or know about it earlier, I’ll never know. But I’m glad I was told to check it out.

I can’t do a proper review of this drama because there was too much to love and too little space to put it. I could do an episode by episode analysis and it would bore everyone to bits. And so I’ll summarize it into lists.

What I Loved:

1) Hilarious music references – when Dal Ja makes food in ep 5, the Dae Jang Geum theme song comes up. When chaos outbreaks because the wife of Ki Joong comes up, we get the “Star Wars” music.

2) I loved the fact that I ended up being partially right about Tae Bong’s “debt collector”: it was really his grandfather! I loved his method of negotiation (“Work for me for 10 years;” “No;” “Ok, five years;” “No;” “Fine, fine…three years.”)

3) The understanding mom – Dal Ja’s mother was so cool – she didn’t tell her daughter about the graffiti labeling Dal Ja as a skank. She just washed it off herself and glossed over it so that Dal Ja would never have to witness it. It’s understated and sweet, and though it’s done quietly and behind someone’s back, it’s not like those annoying “noble” characters who suffer silently. The insult must have been painful for the mother to see, and yet her “nobility” is far more elegant than other characters in other dramas. The grandmother is also awesome and modern – at times, more so than Dal Ja’s mother!

4) I loved the way relationships and work relationships are played out in this drama. First of all – men and women can be friends. Though it’s arguable that Sae Do and Dal Ja did have a romantic connection at first, but they got past it and became friends. They supported each other, and the best part was, their respective better-half was never jealous of their relationship. I also liked that Tae Bong was so straightforward about his affections for Dal Ja. I want a guy like that! Oh and not to mention – the couple kissed so many times: the kisses weren’t the fake frozen ones seen in other dramas, and some were also the small affectionate ones on the forehead (my favorite – and also seen in Prosecutor Princess!)

5) Spazzy moment: Prosecutor Princess’ Yang Hee Kyung (who played the lovable mother Park Ae Ja) was the boss from hell for Dal Ja as Gargamel a.k.a Kang Shin Ja. She was hilarious because she was the complete opposite of her role in Prosecutor Princess – she was cold and had such a slow manner of speech. She completely became a different character.

6) Second spazzy moment: During Dal Ja’s farewell party, Kang Shin Ja breaks into “I Will Survive” – completely changing her stiff demeanor!! And that lady can SING!

7) Episodes 11-15: Just plain good – I marathoned right through these six episodes before I finally felt like I could stop and go to sleep before the sun rose.

8 ) Dal Ja’s character – she’s strong, she knows what she wants, and she doesn’t take any shit. She’s really 33 years old – she’s not like other characters who are in their 30’s and still act like in their 20’s when they’re pining over a guy. When Dal Ja pines, it’s because she doesn’t realize she likes him yet; when she’s sad, it’s because she has good reason to; when she’s angry, stay away from her path; when she’s happy, you just really have to laugh along with her. She’s well drawn and not too angsty.

9) It defied all cliches and had natural progression in the storyline.


What I Didn’t Like:

Yes – there were some parts I didn’t like…

1) The last few episodes (from about 17 on) were getting too tiring. It felt more like obstacles were just being thrown at them so that the series could keep going. Though the problems arose naturally (the need for financial stability, the ex-girlfriend coming back into the picture), the drama could have done without them. Then again, I must applaud it for defying cliches (i.e. when Tae Bong’s mother invites Dal Ja, Tae Bong, and ex-girlfriend Soo Jin, you’d think that the mother is doing it on purpose to make Dal Ja feel bad about dating Tae Bong. Soo Jin seems to be the perfect daughter-in-law that the mother would want anyways. INSTEAD – Tae Bong’s mother actually wanted Soo Jin at the dinner to hear that she approved of DAL JA, and that she wants her son to go ahead with his relationship with Dal Ja, so that Soo Jin can back away from her son.)

2) Ki Joong’s wife/ex-wife was the most annoying and spiteful character ever. Though she somewhat improves, she was freakishly annoying. Tae Bong’s mother was annoying too with her shrill voice, and I can’t blame her husband for wanting to run away.

3) The character Ki Joong. Can you say boring? Actually – what’s worse than boring? Though it was nice to see him back off of Dal Ja after she rejected him,  his scenes were not that interesting, and he still had that puppy dog look of wanting to help her and be by her side even when she wouldn’t let it.

All in all

Check out the NG’s here. 😀

Rating: 9/10


4 thoughts on “Dal Ja’s Spring – A Review

  1. Yyaaaayyy! That was a great drama! Reading your review made me remember why I loved it so much and why it was the only one I watched it while I was on holidays (I had taken my laptop with me with all the episodes 😛 ). After a tiring day walking from here to there, listening to the guides and stuff, before going to sleep… Oh! Dal! Ja!

    Tae Bong is up there in the gentlemen’s heaven, and Dal Ja showed us that being 30 doesn’t mean being stupid, depressed, annoying and over concerned about shallow stuff (HELLO KIM SAM SOON). You can be a proud, dignified, hard working girl without forgetting your feelings. She was so normal, relatable, lovely… And had one hell of good luck for meeting that gorgeous man ¬¬. ENVY!

    Thumbs up!

    • hehhe! you know, i read somewhere that someone thought tae bong was unrealistic because he was such a gentleman, but i was like – where are you coming from!?!?! if your guy REALLY loves you, then he’d be a gentleman like tae bong no matter what!!! 😀

      and when i wrote that she wasn’t like a 30 year old acting in her twenties and pining over a guy – i was thinking EXACTLY of KIM SAM SOON!!! lol – this is how much you’ve influenced me. hahaha!

  2. LOL, I actually heart Crazy Pie Baking Wife and Taebong’s Shrill Momma sooo much because they seriously have some loose screws in the head!! It was a whole lotta fun watching them running around with those crazy antics.

    Kijoong is so boring because Lee Hyunwoo is. Probably the most boring actor I’ve ever watched.

  3. Thank you to tell me if you please what episode Dal Ja is punished by her grandmother. I apologize for my bad English. Philippe.

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