News Bits: 6/14/10 Edition

Jang Young Nam has made a name for herself playing side characters in several dramas, including Dalja’s Spring, Hero, Women of the Sun, and La Dolce Vita. (She is absolutely spiteful and annoying in Dalja’s Spring when she first appeared too.) But now she’s got herself a more prominent role in I Am Legend. She will play a divorce lawyer and new girlfriend of Kim Jung Eun‘s ex-husband. I can totally see her being as snooty as this husband’s family supposedly is.

(Side note: Every time I read “I Am Legend” I always have a split second’s thought of the Will Smith movie that came out a few years ago. Heh.)

Despite the IRIS concert and museum/exhibition, the drama is garnering low ratings in Japan. When it debuted, it had the low rating of about 10%, and plummeted to 7%. On top of that, it’s considered as having the worst ratings in its time slot. There are several factors that may explain for this: 1) bad Japanese dubbing (any dubbing just sucks in my opinion); 2) poor editing, which ruins some of the plot for the audience; and 3) it was, overall, difficult to follow. It’s a really disappointing response considering all the hype and promotion that preceded it, and the drama even featured Japan for about four of the episodes too.

China is coming out with two more remakes:

Autumn In My Heart is being remade starring Dennis Oh (a Korean-American actor who looks like Daniel Henney; starred in Sweet Spy and Witch Amusement) and Zhang Han (Meteor Shower). The drama will be produced by Hunan TV.

The Japanese film “101st Marriage Proposal” is going to be remade into a Chinese film. Though Fuji TV is involved as a producer, the cast and crew will be entirely Chinese. The plot is about a man who goes on 99 unsuccessful omiai (arranged meetings that are meant to lead to marriage), and finally meets a beautiful cellist on his 100th meeting. The original actors were Takeda Tetsuya and Atsuko Asano. The Chinese cast hasn’t been announced yet, but the film has a tentative release date of February 14, 2011.

Lee Dong Gun is enlisting! He was supposed to have enlisted last year, but due to health reasons he was granted an extension. I’m so sad, but he’s already been gone from the public eye for a while now so it felt like he was already gone. I hope that when he comes back he’ll throw himself into a new, better drama!

And 2PM released a new music video for their song “I Will Give You My Life,” which shows an inside look into their lives as they perform for the fans, make a music video (including all the slip-ups), and do a photo shoot.

source: dramabeans, seoulbeats, asianfanatics, youtube


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