A Man Called God: Episodes 1-2

I watched the first two episodes because it looked interesting on DramaFever. And, I wanted to watch something with action and mystery in it.

I don’t know what to say. It definitely has action plus interesting backstory plus some intrigue. I find the moments with the one English-speaking subordinate talking to everyone in English, and understanding everything in Korean, kind of funny. Song Il Gook‘s English is really good – so good I sometimes wonder if it’s dubbed. And so is Han Go Eun‘s. I never liked Han Chae Young too much – I thought she was just all pretty face, and I admit not to have seen Delightful Girl Chun Hyang (don’t kill me!).

I have to say, Song’s hair is so distracting when it’s all coiffed up. Han Go Eun looks like she’s just on-screen eye candy because I can’t figure out her deal. Han Chae Young is earnest in her role, and Kim Min Jong is stiff as hell as a CIS agent. All these perceptions may go away after the second episode, but right now, I can’t even like Kim Min Jong as the second male lead.

In general, the plot has Song’s character, Michael King, as a legend within the CIA who’s kind of gone rogue. Now he’s concentrating on his personal vendetta of finding the gang of men who killed his father before his very eyes. Turns out, all those men are now rich head honchos, while his father was a police officer – perhaps so upstanding that he was going to expose their dirty deeds.

Jin Bo Bae (Han Chae Young) is a persistent reporter trying to get the latest scoop on one of those rich men, and because she is tailing him she runs up against Michael King and his partner/lover Vivian Castle (Han Go Eun). Lucky for her she’s also friends with Hwang Woo Hyun (Kim) and so she gets to accompany him for the latest scoops. That is, if he would tell her clearly what’s happening (without having to kill her of course. You know – it’s the CIS.)

It has fun visuals, and it definitely has an amusing vibe, but it’s not too memorable. The story is kind of cheesy and overdone for a revenge drama. However, the meat of the story hasn’t happened yet (the part where Vivian betrays Michael King), and therefore I am more curious to find out what happens next. If anything, I’m more invested in the relationship that’s going to grow between Michael and Bo Bae than I am in the rest of the plot because Michael’s interest in her is fun to watch. He watches her from afar, but he chooses to help her get a gown so that she can enter an exclusive ball (and get her scoops), and he dances with her. He doesn’t want to tell her anything, and yet always takes up her attention so that it seems like he’ll tell her more.

It’s almost like the relationship between Kim Nam Gil and Oh Yeon Su in Bad Guy – it’s the only interesting thing in the drama. That and the soundtrack. Kim Jae Wook is interesting too but not onscreen enough. So for A Man Called God, the relationship between Michael and Bo Bae, and the visuals, are what’s getting me in this drama.

Would I continue watching it? Maybe, if I’m bored. I think I would watch episode 3 though. I don’t know if I’d continue any further than that.


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