Eun Jung Gets a Makeover

Turns out – Eun Jung won’t be the only T-ARA member on the drama Coffee House for long. Hyo Min will guest as a stylist for Eun Jung’s character Seung Yeon in episode 8, and she will give Eun Jung’s messy character a new transformation. From the looks of it, Eun Jung’s hairstyle is now similar to the one Park Shin Hye sported in You’re Beautiful.

I can only cheer! I love Eun Jung’s funny character, but she really needed that makeover. I’ve also declared my loyalties towards a Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Yeon pairing for the drama. Though I’ve always enjoyed the drama just for viewing pleasure and storyline, a little part of me was always unsettled by the fact that I didn’t know which pairing to root for.

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source: allkpop


One thought on “Eun Jung Gets a Makeover

  1. I want eun jung to end up with him!!! IDK why i just do haha. I hope the make over gets him to start having interest in her lol. Anyways, this drama is an extremely funny, refreshing tv series!

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