A New Korean Boy Group for the U.S.

For the first time, MTV will be featuring a Korean boy band in one of their upcoming shows called Vice Guide to Everything. The show covers how boys went through the training process to become idols.

The show actually flew out to Asia and researched all the idols who haven’t debuted yet for the show. One of those groups happened to be Teen Top, which has yet to debut in Korea. The group is consisted mainly of 6 child actors who auditioned at Lotte World. They are set to debut at the end of this month in Korea, and it will be recorded by the show.

I’m really curious about this show now, because I just want to know in general how these boys are molded into idols and become the teen heartthrobs that take over both the radios/mp3s and television screens. Since these boys are all child actors I’m sure we’ll see them in a drama soon too. I’m also surprised that MTV is covering music industries in Asia and the sensation of idol singers. It’s clear that Asian pop culture is starting to seep into American pop culture, especially since we’re seeing more top Korean stars in Hollywood films and the more widespread distribution of Korean dramas in the States (see for example: Hulu and DramaFever’s new content partnership).

The following video also shows them singing 2PM’s “Heartbeat,” and the dancing is really impressive. Though they pretty much copied the choreography, I think the last acrobatic bit is different.

source: allkpop, asiae


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