An Interview with Kim Joon

Kim Joon is not someone I paid much attention to. Then again, if I had seen Boys Over Flowers I might have thought differently. Nevertheless, his interview-questionnaire was quite interesting, and made me realize that there’s more to this guy than just a rapper for his group T-Max, and more to him had he more screen time and a bigger presence in the drama.

He’s far more focused, sincere, and honest than I expected. Then again, he is a tad older than his other costars, and with age comes a different perspective on things. I particularly liked his answer that explained why he thought F4 was loved so much by the fans.

My name is Kim Jun. My given name is Kim Hyung-jun. When I began my acting career, I changed my name a bit. It isn’t a big difference and easy to memorize but I got used to the name even more quickly because the members of T-MAX would always call me Jun, as if it were my nickname.
My birthday is February 3, 1984. I came out in a lot of scenes with my co-star Kim Bum in “Boys Over Flower,” who is five years younger than me. I had always been the youngest but I somehow ended up being the eldest so it was weird. (laugh)

I vividly remember my stage debut performance. It was July 2007 and it was a live performance. I had to stand in the middle and begin dancing but I think I missed my timing because I was so nervous. I also cried a bit after getting off the stage re-thinking about the time I spent practicing.
In order to become a singer, I was a trainee for four to five years. When Shin Min-chul and I would practice, we did a lot of guide recordings for the songs written by the producers at the office, which later helped us a lot in rapping and writing our own songs. And about two years later, after Park Yoon-hwa joined the company, we made our debut as T-MAX. The three of us are close like actual brothers. Maybe it’s because we went through a lot of tough times together.

Since I don’t have an aggressive personality, it’s hard for me to set out to do something. I became a singer after visiting my friend who is a producer and I auditioned for a drama after the company suggested it. But once I set my mind on doing something, I achieve it no matter what it takes.
The other members know that I auditioned for “Boys Over Flower” but they found out I was going to appear in it through the newspaper. I didn’t want to say anything during the process because nothing was certain.
I hear a lot that I’m like an old man. I can’t do it as much anymore because I’m busy but when I was younger, I read a lot of books and I was just someone who had lots of cockeyed ideas.(laugh)

Since I write the lyrics for the rap, I try to use as many words that will relay on the full meaning of our opinions within the restricted time limit. I have a habit of paying close attention to how words are expressions are used.

My voice is naturally low and mixed with a nasal sound so my pronunciation is on the bad side. But I think practicing how to stress certain parts when I rap has helped cover my inadequate pronunciation. I think my singing activities have also helped my acting as well.
The part where my character Song Woo-bin raps or mixes English when he talks was set-up after I was cast for the role. Since the four members of F4 couldn’t be the same, I think the writers added special characterstics to each character. I didn’t have any experience studying abroad and my acting was really awkward but thankfully, we had viewers who enjoyed watching the show.
The hard part of being in F4 was trying to match myself to their standard. What other people considered specialties, these characters would do that as their hobbies. I’m the kind of person who works out by playing basketball or soccer so it was hard playing sports that I have never done before like golf, tennis and horseback riding.
It was really hard being on location in New Caledonia because the schedule was so tight. There were more limits compared to the local shoots and there were issues with small things like food. But because we were in a different location, the actors were able to become close. Even when we weren’t filming, we had no choice but to go everywhere together. (laugh) That is why when you look at the scenes before we go on location, you can actually see the awkwardness between the actors. That was when we had barely found out each other’s phone numbers.
I think the reason F4 received a lot of love is because of its own naivete. The scenes in the shows may be embarrassing or uncomfortable in real life but it feels like the audience had regarded them as cute or heartwarming because they can see how we make mistakes and the naivete. If we had acted superior the whole way, there is no question that it would have stirred hostility. Them being so rich yet lacking in certain ways is what made them charming.
Many people ask me which I would choose to pursue in the future between acting and singing. My answer is always the same. I want to do both. It may seem like I’m trying to be greedy when I haven’t done well in either of those aspects, but even though it may seem hard, I don’t feel that it is impossible. The two fields are both appealing.

source: asiae


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