New Pictures from Han Jung Soo

Based on his last interview, Han Jung Soo had said he might be looking into a play for his next project. Now it looks like he’s really doing it.

The play is called “Fool for Love,” written by American playwright Sam Shepard. It takes place in a motel out in the West and follows two on-and-off lovers, who actually turn out to be half-siblings.

If my eyes don’t deceive me, the photos that he put up on his Twitter account look suspiciously like him rehearsing for the play. (Also – the guy on the far left looks eerily like Shin Dong Wook, but I could be wrong.) I haven’t heard any actual news about it, but the above photo looks like a photo shoot, and the other photos are behind the scenes look into the play.

UPDATE: The cast has been revealed to be as such: the female lead will be shared by Kim Hyo Jin and Kim Jung Hwa. The male lead will be shared by Park Gun Hyung (who was the Shin Dong Wook look-alike), Han Jung Soo, and Jo Dong Hyuk. More photos are up on dramabeans.

There are more photos on his Twitter account.

source: Twitter


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