News Bits: 6/3/10 Edition

Jang Geun Suk finished up his Asia tour in Japan the past weekend. He sang and spoke about You’re Beautiful to the fans, and also introduced his new film “You’re My Pet.” During the interviews he spoke about how he had to go on a diet and practice dancing every day in order to pull of the role that Jun Matsumoto originated. He also noted that hopefully one day he’d be able to act in a role that would express deeper emotions. I’m getting the vibe that he would prefer if he were cast for his acting skills than his looks…

On another note – he also mentioned that he doesn’t care about the age of his girlfriend – but just wants to be the boyfriend “who can prepare breakfast for her.” Sweet!

Speaking of fan meetings in Japan – here’s another photo of Kim So Yeon dressed to kill in a reenactment during the IRIS concert:

Cartier held a ‘Cartier Love Charity Exhibition’ where celebrities attended and wore the new Love Summer Bracelet. Plenty of those celebrities were also featured in portraits throughout the exhibition, and they included Ji Jin Hee, Ha Ji Won, Yoona, Rain, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Hyun Joong, Son Ye Jin and many more. A full portrait shows all of the celebrities that attended:

It’s official – the dates for KAT-TUN’s concert in Korea will be August 6-7. Maybe they can give free tickets to Han Hyo Joo so that they can meet her.

Looks like Park Yong Ha is going to become a worldwide celebrity – if this deal goes through. Warner Brothers is interested in purchasing broadcasting rights for his upcoming drama Comrades, Almost a Love Story to air it in China and the U.S. It’s the first time a Korean drama has been given this offer to air outside of Asia. It sounds superbly optimistic, and I’m not sure if Warner Brothers really is going to air this drama in the States. After all, it has been heard of that studios would purchase the rights to something but not do anything with it for years. Then again, the Hallyu Wave is coming on stronger than ever as it crashes against American television culture. Perhaps Warner Brothers is trying to keep on top of the wave and pre-empt the other studios?

source: asianfanatics, popseoul, rubie @soompi, asiae


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