Lee Seon Kyun Stars in a Drama Special

KBS is showing a single-episode drama called Our Slightly Risque Relationship, starring Lee Seon Kyun and Hwang Woo Seul-Hye (Crush and Blush). The drama revolves around a PD in the investigative reporting department who gets posted in the suburbs. He hates it, seeing it as a demotion from his original post, and has an unfortunate meeting with the suburbs’ reporter Nam Hee (Hwang). They start off with a bickering relationship but it gradually progresses into love (of course).

In an interview, Lee Seon Kyun expressed his concerns about single-episode dramas, and credited them for his success.

He found his start in those single-episode dramas, and was able to build up his acting skills slowly, viewing each drama as a “stepping stone.” He sprung into the limelight with Taereung National Village, directed by none other than the director of Coffee Prince and Triple, Lee Yoon Jung. He lamented that nowadays, actors get typecast and pigeon-holed into one kind of role. Instead of moving from second leading male to leading male, it’s getting harder for actors to get out of their supporting actor position. On top of that, many idol singers are branching out into dramas and getting leading roles despite their lack of experience.

Though he’s not exactly bashing all idol singers, it’s clear that he values basic acting skills and the hard work ethic.

He also noted that a lot of single-episode dramas are shot with very low budgets. The production scale is so much lower than one of a drama. He says:

All the directors and writers believe that single-episode dramas must be revived. But, at the same time, they are worried that they could go off the air anytime. So they have a considerable amount of pressure to shoot it well. They need to start work feeling relaxed and unburdened, but their concerns could make them anxious. You know how you tend to do too much when you are trying to do a good job? I hope they can work on their dramas feeling comfortable. If they get rid of the pressure to make a big hit or a good drama, won’t they be able to make a good drama?

Lee is definitely one of those rare actors who truly wishes to continue cultivating his art and who is truly committed to being an actor. He’s also not afraid to say so. Makes you appreciate his talent all the more, huh?

The drama airs on June 5.

source: asiaeinterview


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