News Bits: 5/30/10 Edition

Kim Ji Hoon! He debuted in the play “University of Laughs” recently, and stars as a writer whose personality differs greatly from his previous role in Wish Upon a Star. His character is supposedly quite cowardly as he tries to get his script through the censors. In an interview, he noted that in a play he doesn’t have to worry so much about facial expressions since there are no close-ups, but he does have to make sure that his body doesn’t stand up too straight or else he exudes too much confidence. One downside about plays is that he has to memorize every line (there are no re-dos, and the entire script is ready before hand, unlike dramas were scripts come out in pages every week). But he also promised to give a different performance to audiences every night, because he’ll continually make the role more personal.

But he’s just too cute! (When he looks happy.)

Lena Park just graduated from Columbia University with a magna cum laude (!!!) in English and Comparative Literature. AND she sang the “Star Spangled Banner” for her university’s commencement, being the first student in ten years to do so, and the first of Asian descent. AND she’s 34. On top of all these accomplishments, she’s returning to Korea to start up her singing career once again.

Unfortunately in Korea, a scandal is breaking out where another unnamed celebrity has been charged with drug use (marijuana and crystal meth). The celebrity, along with eleven others, were charged but not detained, while another eleven were also detained. Rumors are circulating that the description for the celebrity fits Taegoon the best.

An “IRIS Dramatic Live Stage and Concert” was held in Japan on the 26th and featured the entire cast, plus singers Baek Ji Young, Kim Tae Woo, and Big Bang. The event included a Q&A with the cast, performances from Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hoon, and all the singers. 20,000 fans showed up for this concert at Osaka, and on June 1st another one will be held in Tokyo.

The MTV Video Music Awards Japan was held this past Saturday. Namie Amuro won “Best Female Video” for her song, “Fast Car.” DBSK won “Best Group Video” for their song, “Share the World.” Big Bang won two awards: “Best New Artist Video: Gara Gara Go!” and “Best Pop Video: Koe wo Kikasete.” Even Lady Gaga won an award for “Best Dance Video: Poker Face.”

Jay Chou will be singing the theme song for Jet Li’s new film “Ocean Heaven.” This is Jet Li’s first non-action film, where he stars as a terminally ill father who decides to teach his autistic son how to live on his own before he dies. It is also their second collaboration; Chou sang the theme song to Li’s last film “Fearless.”

S.H.E.’s Selina is engaged! Her boyfriend Richard Zhang recently went to the group’s concert and shouted out, “Wife, I love you!” causing fans to cheer and Selina to go into shock. Apparently, he had gone to Hebe and Ella, and Selina’s parents for advice and approval, but because he was so nervous he forgot to properly propose to the girl! Ahaha – well the nice thing is at least she agreed!

Aaaand! Here are some Coffee House behind the scenes, courtesy of T-ARA’s Eunjung‘s Twitter. Looks like she went to the pasture where poor Jung Woong In was left behind…?

source: dramabeans, seoulbeats, asianfanatics, _snowflake_ and samshiku @soompi


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