T.O.P. Incognito

T.O.P. has admitted during a film showcase for “Into the Fire” that he and the rest of Big Bang would sometimes visit amusement parks with masks on. It was their way of releasing some stress and having fun without getting caught by fans.

I’m sure that now this tactic is out of the bag, he may no longer be able to use it.

In regards to the film, everyone continued giving him accolades – the director noted that he was impressed with how T.O.P. sobbed so hard during a scene where a fellow soldier cries. According to Kwon Sang Woo, he is also the best drinker, because he won’t let any of them go to sleep; all T.O.P. wanted was to hear more and more stories from these veteran actors. That’s the best tactic, buddy! Learn from your sunbaes!

Here are other photos from the showcase event.

Cha Seung Won even showcased a model walk for the press!

source: asianfanatics, photo credit: asiae


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