Woman Who Still Wants to Marry – A Review

I finally finished!!!

It took me a while, considering schoolwork, work, and life in general, but I’m proud to say I finally finished! It kind of sucked that I watched the first ten episodes, then had a looong gap, and then saw the last six recently. I think it definitely affected my viewing of the drama.

That being said, I have to say that it’s not the most fun drama out there. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. The performances were winning, and the storyline promising. But it was also kind of like a one-note drama that got a little draggy by the end.

I loved all the characters – especially the girls. Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee) was fun and believable as the go-getter reporter who falls in love – with her head still on. Uhm Ji Won portrayed the desperate-to-marry Da Jung in a way that you could never really get annoyed with her. I would personally want to strangle a girl who bemoans and wails all day about why she can’t get a guy because I’m all for fun and independence, but Da Jung is quite sympathetic too. I couldn’t really hate her, not when I had other characters to hate. And last but not least, Bu Ki (Wang Bit Na) – she is the girl I aspire to be! Actually, I have a friend who’s just like her already, so I’ll consider myself lucky! Bu Ki is the pragmatic, voice of reason, beautiful and successful woman that is just soooo awesome. She really rocks the nickname “Boogie Woogie.”

On to the guys… I was charmed by Kim Bum at first. He’s cute, and he’s earnest in his chase. But after a while I felt his eyes were soulless. Yes, soulless (and don’t kill me, fans!!). The reason I say that is because sometimes I feel like he’s staring through Shin Young as he tries to emote love, but he has yet to master “speaking with the eyes.” I had a similar complaint with Kang Ji Hwan but in retrospect, I think Kang can manage a little better with his “cold eyes”; and besides, Kang’s character in Coffee House is pretty chilly. I feel bad because looking at my ‘first impressions’ post, I had actually enjoyed his performance. But I think he had more to work with when he was chasing Shin Young around. After that, they got together, and where’s the excitement in that anymore? You know he’ll stand up to his mom, you know his mom will disapprove, and you know his mom will eventually get around to it.

Lee Pil Mo‘s Sang Woo was probably the only guy I never had much complaints with. The only sad thing is his storyline did not get much attention in the last few episodes. There was a focus on it, definitely, but I felt it was too boring. I don’t think it’s the actors’ fault per se, but he was paired up with Park Ji Young‘s Sang Mi, who is quite boring as a mother. I could not understand her reasonings at times. And on to Choi Chul Ho‘s Ban Seok. Oh. My. God. Could I ask for a more annoying male character?!

Yes – Ban Seok annoyed me to no end. In the beginning Choi played him with enough sincerity that I didn’t mind his innocence when it comes to the dating world. However, the way he acted with Da Jung was beyond ridiculous. The over-exaggerated expressions and the wide eyes and the childish lines got tiring after a while. At first it was cute. By the end I wanted to skip every single scene between him and Da Jung. (Except for when he tried to sleep with her before their first night as husband and wife – those scenes were too funny.) On top of that, his sister was… *I-just-wanted-to-strangle-her!!!* She was so demanding, so shrill, so annoying, so selfish, so retarded, so ridiculous, so nasty, so pain-in-the-ass that I wanted to kill her. Good writing and good acting – kudos. But really!? I didn’t need such a suffocating person in the last four episodes of the series. And the sister mixed with Ban Seok’s ridiculousness made me want to fast forward. Out of respect to Da Jung, I didn’t, but I ended up surfing the web during those scenes.

The last suffocating pair of characters I had seen was in Shining Inheritance – the mother and sister of Lee Seung Gi’s character. Ooooh they drove me nuts, but that was for the entire series. Ban Seok’s sister showed up near the end, and that’s what made her more annoying. They had to give Da Jung another kink in her relationship. While it makes sense – to show that married life isn’t that great either – it’s frustrating that all of the problems stems from this one woman. I might have been more curious and less hateful if we saw the entire family being annoying on several levels. Not super-annoying like the one sister. If they actually went on that family trip that was mentioned so much, I would have liked that as a problem more than a nosy, disrespectful sister.

Nevertheless, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry does show a nice glimpse into a working woman’s world. It’s slow paced and real. It’s simple storyline shows off that life is not that dramatic and complicated, but we do tend to make it so over the tiniest problems. If we look at it objectively, like Bu Ki, then there really isn’t a problem. We can easily find the answer. It’s just, do we want to trust our mind or our heart? This drama seems to say follow the heart (well, like most other dramas/movies). Or, just trust the objective, rational friend. I may have liked it more if I was just casually watching it straight through. But because I did not, it was more draggy than I liked. I wanted something to happen, even though I knew nothing would.

But I liked the end – I think I’m just a sucker for concert endings. 😀

Rating: 5/10


One thought on “Woman Who Still Wants to Marry – A Review

  1. alot of people praising this drama in dramabeans website in “drama of the year review”… thundie, girlfriday, and javabeans… so I want to know your rating about this one…. and it left me surprise… is it that bad?

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