Small Bites: A Supplement for 5/23/10

Some of the cast and crew members of Prosecutor Princess went away on a trip together to celebrate the end of the series. They all went to Jebudo, which is an island part of Gyeonggi-do province. Choi Song Hyun posted some pictures of the trip on her Twitter account, and you can clearly see Han Jung Soo and Yoo Gun.

There is also a group photo of who went, and Park Jung Ah (who played Jenny Ahn) is in it too. She’s so cute without makeup!

And it looks like they all went for some paintball. Gosh are they cool or what!? Choi Song Ho also appears in the photos. What I love is these people look exactly the same as they do onscreen.

*edit: additional note: if you’re looking for Kim So Yeon, who was there, in the very top picture, she’s the girl on the motorbike. In the first photo set below with everyone in gear, Kim is the one on the second row, first picture. Thanks to 7lotus at soompi for helping me with this!

DBSK as a group is sort of falling apart – but since there are still three members who are still under contract with their company, they will be continuing their activities as J.Y.J. Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong will be hosting a fan meeting concert on June 5th in Tokyo Dome. J.Y.J will be used as their logo for this concert – but who knows if that will be their new band name for the trio.

Korea is doing really well at Cannes this year. Although the The Housemaid didn’t win any awards, Poetry picked up Best Screenplay and a less famous entry, Ha Ha Ha won the “Un Certain Regard” competition, which basically awards new, innovative talents.

source: asianfanatics, twitter, mandalaywith and cut33 @soompi, dramabeans


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