News Bits: 5/23/10 Edition

Jo Kwon and the rest of the 2AM boys are in New York because they will be performing with JYP on The JYP Tour 2010. He tweeted some photos of himself in the city – one right at the K-Town train station and the other at Times Square. Pretty choice spots – and very artistic photos.

Turns out the Hong Sisters’ drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho won’t be the only gumiho-centric drama out this year. Another one by KBS, called Gumiho’s Revenge, and it stars Han Eun Jung as the gumiho who leaves her husband and her daughter (who has the same ability to shapeshift into human form and terrorize humans), only to go and take revenge on someone (presumably her husband?). This one is supposedly more serious and horror-like. Then again – compared to a typical Hong Sisters drama, anything could be seen as more serious with that kind of plot.

Lee Bum Soo recently got married! Again. This is his second marriage after divorcing his wife in 2003. His new bride, Lee Yoon Jin is (14 years younger than him) an English teacher who taught him (and Rain – but not at the same time) the language. She is also an English newspaper columnist and a translator. There were plenty of celebrities, including Lee Byung Hoon, Kim Bum, and Jung Ryeo Won. I think his Giant castmates were there too. But no honeymoon just yet – Lee Bum Soo needs to return to his drama first.

Asia has its own ‘Twitter’ – called ‘Weibo’. A lot of TVB celebrities (Hong Kong’s biggest program/drama-producing station) have Weibo accounts and update it so frequently to keep in touch with their fans that supposedly, TVB put a stop to it. But it’s a rumor – TVB has denied those claims.

source: seoulbeats, dramabeans, allkpop, asianfanatics


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