News Bits: 5/21/10 Edition

Upcoming drama Baker King Kim Tak Goo has confirmed this casting tidbit: Park Shin Hye will NOT be participating in the drama. (It makes sense since she’s still filming the film “Cyrano Agency” and the 30-episode drama starts on June 10 after Cinderella’s Sister.) Instead, Eugene will be stepping in. Her character is called Shin Yoo Kyung, and she will play Yoon Si Yoon‘s first love (despite the age gap) who betrayed him for her own gains – by marrying his brother. Her character is also quite villainous.

Here’s a look at how her character will be in the drama:

Taecyeon, Shin Se Kyung, and Kim Heechul will be the hosts for Korea’s 2010 Dream Concert. The concert features some of the biggest K-pop stars in the industry. They include Rain, MBLAQ, SS501, Lee Hyori, KARA, Rainbow, Wonder Girls, 2PM, BEAST, 4Minute, T-ARA, Davichi, ZE:A, F.Cuz, f(x), SNSD, and SHINee. This also marks the third consecutive year that Heechul will be hosting this event. He does a lot of hosting gigs.. now that I think about it… And Shin Se Kyung has totally solidified her status as a rising star with this gig in between two *hot* men. It’s almost like when Park Shin Hye was tapped to host the Melon Awards in December 2009 right after You’re Beautiful ended.

The concert will be held on May 22.

This week will be the last for Personal Taste, and in just a few days, on May 24th, Kim Ji Suk will be leaving for his military training. Right in the midst of his popularity. Just a few days after working tirelessly on the last two episodes.

During the filming of a cheering scene in the “Shouting Project,” the camera caught G-Dragon elbowing “viciously” at Seungri, to the point that even Kim Yuna was “aghast!” YG Entertainment made a statement to appease fans, saying that they were joking around, since they’re also known as “Tom and Jerry.” Aw – I wonder who’s Tom and who’s Jerry…

Is it bad to admit that I paid more attention to T.O.P. when he teased Kim Yuna and made her laugh?

And gossip time: to add fuel to the fire, Taecyeon supposedly bought perfume for Yoona’s coming-of-age. And they still deny a relationship. I say that they’re either friends in a colleague-sort-of-way, or Taecyeon is enthralled with her. Yoona has this bored look on her face a lot of the time (maybe it’s just the way that she smiles without teeth or maybe it’s just that she’s bored), that I can’t see her as going googly-oogly over Taecyeon.

On the other hand: Rain and Lee Hyori is a ship I’d like to jump on – if I cared enough. Though this video concentrates more on Goo Hara‘s hilarious little “strip” – it’s Rain’s subsequent reaction that is just too funny. And his lean towards Hyori… he he he!

Last photo spam of Prosecutor Princess:

L-R: PD Jin Hyuk, Kim So Yeon, Choi Song Hyun, Park Jung Ah, Choi Sung Ho, and Han Jung Soo. Noticeably missing is Park Shi Hoo. (And I think die hard shippers would also note that Han Jung Soo joked about how Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo should become a real life couple at this fan meeting. Keyword: joked)

source: allkpop, soompi, dongdrama, seoulbeats


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