News Bits: 5/20/10 Edition

Ariel Lin has been absent in the acting world for about two years – sparking anger from fans who want to see her act, not sing. (She’s been preparing for her second album instead. I don’t know if fans really are that fervent, or if the news source is exaggerating..) So now she’s going to star in two dramas – one is Extravagant Challenge, which will resume filming after casting issues and a one-year break. The lead was originally Jerry Yan but when the company told them they would not continue with producing the drama, along with rumors that Wu Zun was going to replace him, Yan quit the drama. Now, it’s back on and the leads are none other than Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae. Filming will begin in August.

On top of that, her second drama will be a Taiwanese remake of Coffee Prince – and Lin will take over Yoon Eun Hye’s role. EHHHH!? <– that was my reaction.

SNSD and 2PM finally released the music video for Caribbean Bay. It features Yoona, Yuri, Seohyun, Taecyeon, Nichkhun, and Chansung.

F.T. Island‘s Japanese single “Flower Rock” was released officially on the 19th, and already placed 3rd on the Oricon Daily Music chart. Check out their MV here.

More rumors are dogging Ethan Ruan and his girlfriend of two years Tiffany Xu. Another scandal has come out (the fifth in their two-year relationship) about how Ethan Ruan had impregnated another woman before becoming a star, and abandoning her for the sake of his career. There’s also another one of how he took another idol actress Esther Liu’s virginity (which is kinda something since she’s so young at 22, and who knows when this incident took place. She’s currently studying abroad in France too. When the scandal came out, neither side would confirm or deny the rumor either.) People are saying that Tiffany Xu is becoming ridiculous for continuing to stand by her man despite all these rumors, but the couple and their entertainment agency stated that all these rumors are unfounded and they will seek legal action. Aiyoo – looks like haters just want them to break up already…

T.O.P. is EVERYWHERE! It’s understandable, since “Into the Fire” is coming out soon. But look! He’s in Bazaar magazine now! He had an article in it, and a photo with his cast mates, who look positively relieved at not having to be in a war. Love Cha Seung Won’s hearty laughter…

Miss Choi Jung Won yet? or Yeon Jung Hoon? Their action film “Sweet Dreams” is finally being released after five years. The film, which also stars Lee Ji Hoon, is based on a true story where a Korean man gets involved in a gunfight with a yakuza gang. It was filmed in 2005, before any of these celebrities made their star-making roles in Wish Upon a Star and Kingdom of the Wind, East of Eden and Jejoongwon, respectively, and when Lee was still transitioning from singer to actor. The reason it took so long was because the director went through approximately 50 rounds of editing. My goodness – unsatisfied much? or perfectionist much? Either way, it definitely can bring back ol’ memories for these actors.

source: asianfanatics, seoulbeats, popseoul, allkpop, dramabeans


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