News Bits: 5/18/10 Edition

Moon Geun Young is no longer “Korea’s Younger Sister.”

Or, she’s at least sharing it with Kim Yuna. Kim will now be singing a duet with “Korea’s Younger Brother” Lee Seung Gi. They will remake one of Lee’s songs from his third album and will release it on May 24th. It’s apparently for an ad campaign. That girl is definitely making her rounds through the K-pop industry since she’s got no pressure on her right now!

Jay Chou has released his new album today. His title track “The Era” has him turning into a vampire. Can’t say that the “Twilight” or “vampire craze” is not worldwide now. The MV for this song was the most expensive that he had ever done, with a special custom made piano that cost 620,000RMB (approximately $91,000).

Here’s a bit of a teaser:

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong was in a car accident last week. The car he was in collided with another and left him with minor injuries that would still take a few weeks to heal. That coincides with the groups’ comeback on May 31. They will release a new album called “Destination” with a title track called “Love Ya.” While their comeback would not be postponed, they will not have any dance numbers at the “Dream Concert” on Saturday. Instead they will sing their new album “Let Me Be The One.”

And T.O.P. is definitely doing a bunch of solo activities befitting for a new actor. Just check out these photos!

sources: kbs global, asianfanatics, asiae, seoulbeats


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