News Bits: 5/17/10 Edition

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has finally cast the “Girlfriend”. Aaaaaaaaand…. it’s Shin Se Kyung. Who’s surprised? Really?

I can’t say I’m disappointed since I expected it. But I wished it were different too. Then again – I don’t have any other suggestions off the top of my head. Was it too much to ask for Park Shin Hye?? Or Moon Chae Won??

The number one film in the States is Iron Man 2 (which isn’t too bad by the way). In Korea, “The Housemaid” knocked this Hollywood blockbuster off its high horse. Hell yeah! Not to mention it’s making waves in Cannes, so much so that director Im Sang Soo said that he wouldn’t be “too surprised” if he won an award at the festival. Actress Yoon Yeo Jung reprimanded him and told him to just say, “It’s an honor,” and “Thank you,” lest he be misunderstood. And misunderstood he was – people began to think he was gloating! But Im stated that his comments were more directed towards a particular producer who didn’t follow through with a film that Im wrote specifically for his production company.

Lee Jun Ki just can’t escape his problems – word is, the production company for “Grand Prix” wants to sue him for abruptly pulling out of the project. His people are trying to reach a compromise with the company. Really guys? It’s the government calling him to service – I don’t think you can blame too much fault on him!

The Wonder Girls released their new album “2DT” in L.A. at an event hosted by their avid fan Perez Hilton. They performed a medley of their hits and participated in a web chat session with Perez Hilton. The release of their album was celebrated worldwide via broadcast in Korea (fans celebrated with 2AM and 2PM) and in Thailand (fans celebrated with Nichkhun’s brother Nichan – the closest they’ll get to the real thing I guess).

C.N. Blue’s new album “Blue Love” cover jacket was leaked online. Now their company is taking steps to quickly and quietly change the album concept. But here’s how it looked like before:

And Big Bang released the music video to their Japanese single “Tell Me Goodbye,” which was done for the Japanese IRIS OST. T.O.P. is rocking the “Baek San” look.

source: lsgfan, asiae, hancinema, allkpop


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