News Bits: 5/14/10 Edition


BoA appeared at a Samsung event for 3D content. Some of the members of DBSK (Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho) were in attendance, and James Cameron showed up to announce his collaboration with SM Entertainment to produce some 3D music videos for the stars. Samsung is also producing some 3D televisions.

Hyun Bin and Joo Jin Mo (200 Pounds Beauty) will be participating in a new film helmed by Kwak Kyung Taek tentatively titled “Beautiful Us.” It is a war movie to be filmed in 3D and is about the confrontation between the North and the South when a North Korean patrol boat crossed boundary lines and engaged in a confrontation with South Korean boats. Kwak also directed Hyun Bin in the drama “Friend, Our Legend.” He is promoting the film to potential buyers and investors at Cannes…

Speaking of Cannes… “Blades of Blood,” “Into the Fire,” and “The Housemaid” all premiered at Cannes. “Blades of Blood” and “Into the Fire” – both featuring Cha Seung Won were snapped up by foreign buyers (good for him!) while “The Housemaid” and Lee Chang Dong’s “Poetry” both entered in competitions and are up for awards. Need to see Lee Jung Jae? Check out a racy pic right here that proves this remake is not just any remake.

Super Junior‘s Shin Dong is actually dating someone! She’s not a celebrity, but it’s surprising that the public would know that a music idol would be dating anyone, especially since secrecy is the name of the game – according to many other stars.

source: asiae, asianfanatics, dramabeans


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