T.O.P. at “Into the Fire” Press Conference

Kim Seung Woo, T.O.P., Cha Seung Won and Kwon Sang Woo, along with the director Lee Jae Han, participated in a press conference for the film. I’m getting really excited about this film. I generally like war/action movies, but the trailer looks SO AWESOME. The cast is superb. And… well what else is there to say?

Kim Seung Woo even describes what it was like filming the infamous shot of the bridge blowing up behind me. And I have to say – despite his fear, it WAS a pretty cool scene!

Q: As much as it is a war film, there are a particularly high number of battle and exploding scenes. You all looked so worn out in the behind-the-scenes footage — to the extent that it seemed that you must resent the director.
Cha Seung-won: What was most difficult was fighting against the cold. Filming started in late November so we shot the most important scenes when it was the coldest. I personally didn’t have to engage in any exploding scenes so I wasn’t threatened physically. I think I rather didn’t have such a hard time because I invested a lot of time to talk with the director in figuring out my character and his situation.
Kim Seung-woo: I had a fundamental trust in the director and you probably know by looking at the footage but I’m satisfied because it shows how hard he worked. We had a hard time keeping up with him because he sleeps very little and has strong physical strength. (laugh)

Q: Cha Seung-won, you took on the role of the bad guy again, like you did in your previous film “Blades of Blood.”
Cha: Coincidentally, I’ll be playing the bad guy three times in a row after I shoot TV series “Athena” next. My role as Park Moo-ryang for “Into Fire” is the chief of the enemy so we won’t be beautifying him but I think he will be shown as someone who was sacrificed in a war and how he had no choice but to let it happen as a soldier.
Choi Seung-hyun: He played the bad guy but Cha, as well as Kim, always took such good care of me on set. I did become a bit terrified though because Cha would occasionally appear in my dreams looking scary. (laugh)

Q: In the preview shown today, it was impressive how Kim walked so undauntedly despite a bridge behind him exploding.

Kim: I was actually scared. The sound of the explosion was bigger than I thought it would be and it didn’t look too bad on screen but it was very cold when we shot the screen and I was wearing short sleeves, so I had goosebumps and was scared at the time. (laugh) Every exploding scene after that was like war and hell.

Q: Kwon Sang-woo, this is the first time in a while that you got to wear a school uniform for a movie. You’re even the same age as Choi Seung-hyun in the film. (laugh)
Kwon: I almost wasn’t cast for the movie because of my age. (laugh) My character Koo Kap-jo is assigned to a squadron for student soldiers as he chooses to take part in the war instead of being sent to a Youth Detention Center. He distresses Oh Jang-bum (played by Choi Seung-hyun) as he tries to motivate him to become squadron leader.
Kim: Me and Cha were worried a lot when Kwon was cast. Because he’s closer to our age now. (laugh) But I saw on the monitor how he would actually look younger than Choi at times. (laugh) He’s the right man for the part and like he himself says, there is no movie where he has worn a school uniform but hasn’t done well, so we’re looking forward to how “Into Fire” will do too.

Q: Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Seung-hyun, you fight each other a lot too in the movie. Wasn’t it uncomfortable having to shoot the scene up against a senior?

Choi: I was able to learn because he was always teaching me a lot and he would help me relax when I’m nervous. It felt as if I was shooting those actions scenes with a martial arts director because he gave off the vibe of an expert.
Kwon: I think Choi must have had a hard time. It was his first time launching his acting career through a movie but he had the most scenes to shoot, his character had to lead on the story, and plus, he had to show both action and emotional acting in a single production. He would always have on a blank look when I arrive on set. (laugh) But I’m proud of him because he did a great job of pulling of his role.
Lee Jae-han: Many people were worried in the beginning because acting isn’t his profession. But I felt a strong energy from Choi, he had a good sense and I liked his sensitivity. I had faith in him and we talked a lot while working together. You’ll be able to feel it when you see the finished product.

Q: Choi, are you not worried about your image becoming solidified as one that is masculine? You played a sniper in drama “Iris” and now a soldier in “Into Fire.”

Choi: I think I’ll be showing a completely different image from Vick in “Iris.” My character Oh Jang-beom isn’t taciturn — he’s very innocent and child-like. What I focused most on too was to pull out an image from within me that the public has never seen before. That’s why I lived the past six months thinking that I’m a 17-year-old boy. (laugh)

Q: What is a scene you would recommend from “Into Fire”?
Kim: I like each and every scene because you can see how hard we worked, but what I remember the most is when Choi parts with his mother — I was saddened. I think such moments will move the hearts of the audience much more.
Choi: The entire two hours of the film was amazing. So I wish I could tell you about all two hours of it. Each and every scene is perfect and I will dare say that all two hours of it is a scene you don’t want to miss.
Kwon: I think the ending scene will be the most touching.
Cha: The core of the drama in film “Into Fire” is the story of 71 student soldiers. I think the best scene is in the end when these inexperienced and immature guys, who have no choice but to fight in the war, battle with North Korea’s elite troop.

For the full interview, click here for part one and here for part two.

source: asiae


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