News Bits: 5/7/10 Edition

Jang Geun Suk‘s partner to promote Samsung’s new mp3 player has been  chosen! And it will be Hyorin from the girl group SISTAR. As mentioned before, the partner was chosen from an online poll and will sing and star in a MV with him.

Rainie Yang and Wu Zun are starring in a new drama together! (Oh lordy how my heart flutters.) The drama is called Sunshine Girl and starts its shoot in May. They’ve met before but never worked together. But Wu Zun’s handsome looks sure left an impression on Rainie! I’m excited because 1) it’s Wu Zun, and 2) it’s WU! ZUN! I admit Rainie has annoyed me as of late… but if she can tone down her acting and play a lead who’s more sensible than perky-bordering-on-ridiculous, then I’ll be on board. The title doesn’t offer me any consolation on that point though…

I’m in love with Gummy’s new album “Loveless” – all of her songs are just amazing and I listen to them on repeat every day. I don’t really know what my favorite is! That being said, it looks like Korean fans don’t know either! Four of her tracks are competing for the #1 spot on different music charts (which is a rarity! Usually you’d have one song and maybe different spots on different music charts). “As a Man” is #1 for MNet and Dosirak charts, “Because of You” is #2 in Cyworld, “There is No Love” is #10 on Melon, and “What to Do” is rapidly rising up the charts. All I ask is, where’s the song “Who’s That”? It’s so catchy!

There are two rumors surrounding Jeon Ji Hyun: 1) that she might leave her entertainment agency Sidus HQ and set up her own agency (that’s supposedly untrue – it’s just that her contract is set to expire soon), and 2) she is rumored to be the costarring leading lady for Rain in his comeback drama Runaway. This would mark her comeback to the small screen in 11 years – and so it might be nice to have the both of them on the small screen together…

But here’s a bummer: Kim Sun Ah dropped out of the drama I Am Legend due to conflicts with the production. That means, the formerly-Prosecutor Princess-follow up-turned-August-premiere-date drama Bad Guy (starring Kim Nam Gil) will now follow Prosecutor Princess in June. *Sigh* – so when is Kim coming back? (I Am Legend will premiere in August instead.)

Ratings for Personal Taste jumped a couple of percents and is now just two percent away from Cinderella’s Sister. I’m positive the kiss had something to do with that… =) Prosecutor Princess has also gone up, reaching nearly 10% (or 11% in other rating systems) thanks to the fact that everything is getting revealed. Nevertheless, Park Shi Hoo left this message online for the fans on the SBS board:

Hi everyone, this is Park Shi Hoo.

I wanted to leave a msg for quite some time now. However, as i couldn’t decide how to start it, it took me quite some time.
Well, here is it.

I’ve been filming ‘Prosecutor Princess’ for some time now. Thanks to everyone, i’m very happy.

Because of this drama, many of my fans, from the really young ones, to the really old ones, have been calling me ‘seo byun seo byun’, making me feel very happy.Thanks once again for cheering me on.

To all those fans who came down to the filming site. Those fans who flew in from overseas, who came from other cities, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come. I’ll always remember it in my heart.

Ignoring the ratings, the staff, crew & myself can feel the love that you guys are showing to the drama. And with that, we’ll continue to do our best.

Please continue to show your love for the drama right to the very end.

Despite the short time left, I’ll try to show you the best part of me in the drama. Please cheer me on.

Well… Stay healthy everyone. I love you. &&

***translated by antisocialnot***

It sounds like what Jang Geun Suk did for You’re Beautiful, where he apologized for the low ratings and promised to work harder. Ahh – to be the underdogs!

sources: dramabeans, asianfanatics, asiae, allkpop, soompi


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