Park Shin Hye Stars in a New Drama

Following the super popular Cinderella’s Sister, Park Shin Hye and High Kick Through the Roof’s Yoon Si Yoon will be starring in a 30-episode drama called King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.

The drama follows the story of Kim Tak Goo, who is an illegitimate son of the president of SAMHWA Enterprise but was made the successor due to his talent in baking. (I’m assuming the company is a food company of sorts). His inheritance rights were taken away from him by his father’s wife and his half-siblings, and so he has to start over from the bottom to become the best in the baking industry. Of course there are women in his life as well: one betrays him for her own ambitions and another stays by his side despite all the hurt she receives from him as well.

The drama is actually based on Paris Baguette’s president Heo Young In.

Hrm… melodramatic touch, the writer Kang Eun Kyung had written Dalja’s Spring and Hotelier, the drama even has a “childhood section” for the first 6 episodes… I don’t know if I can be excited for this even though it stars Park Shin Hye.  And her role isn’t really defined yet – I can’t tell whether she plays the evil biatch or the strong-willed good girl, especially since there isn’t another female lead who’s been named. Excited or not, my worst nightmare would be to hear that she dropped out of this drama! – Just because I’d like to see her in something new.

source: soompi


3 thoughts on “Park Shin Hye Stars in a New Drama

  1. I’m not sure who Shinhye plays yet but on Dramawiki, the order of the cast went: Yoon Shi Yoon and right under it Park Shin hye, with Shi Yoon being the only character with a verified name. But just recently it changed with Shinhye’s name bumped down a notch with Lee Young Ah beneath Shi Yoon’s and she has the name Yang Mi Sun in the drama. Shinhye and all the rest of the cast are still without an official name.

  2. Shinhye was just moved down to the 6th spot (on DramaWiki) on the cast list for the series and she also still does not have an official name, but the 3 above her just below ShiYoon and YoungAh have recieved character names.
    The characters with names include the actors
    Ha Seung Ri, Lee Han Wie, and Eugene

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