MV Galore! is Back

First off, check out the new photos from SNSD and 2PM‘s new CF for Caribbean Bay. These are only teasers for the CF, but it’s pretty dark looking…

Lee Min Ho starred in a CF for Banana Milk, and the way he’s going about endorsing it makes me really want to try it! There are four versions of the CF, which you can check out here.

Gummy recently released her new mini album Loveless, and a new MV for “As a Man,” starring Jung Ryeo Won and Kim Hyun Joong. It’s a very sweet story, and borders on heartbreaking because I can almost identify… and well, I’ll let the MV speak for itself

In my missing Prosecutor Princess, I looked up to see if Park Shi Hoo had any MV’s to help sate my desires… and thank goodness he appeared in Taru‘s song 예뻐할께 for Color of City! Now if only he’d act like that with Kim So Yeon…

The “prequel” to the above song is by Kim Bum Soo called “Taste of Separation”

And then because I was looking for Park Shi Hoo…I decided to look for some of my other fave actors in CF’s – and I found Park Shin Hye in Taegoon‘s “Call Me” – ridiculously old because it came out last year. Oh well – better late than never!

But this is the best I could do for Kim So Yeon:

It comes from the charity album for the Love Tree Project.

source: youtube, omgkpop


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