News Bits: 4/30/10 Edition

I guess the female groups are not the only ones who wish to have a “darker image.”

SS501 recently released their new, darker concept for their comeback – and boy is it freaky. If this is supposed to be dark and edgier, they just look more like Hannibal Lecter in 2110.

Lee Min Ho has a 10-part Star Diary with asiae, and interestingly, he noted that he didn’t know he snagged the role as Gu Jun Pyo until he read it in the news. Then the director wanted him to become friends with Gu Hye Sun before filming started so that they could get more comfortable with each other, but he said:

“The director wanted us to become friends before the first script reading session, so we all went out to eat together. But I couldn’t help being awkward around her. When you look at the location shoots overseas, you can see that I looked very uncomfortable.”

Hm… maybe that explains his lack of desire to work with Gu Hye Sun on a movie?

Looks like when Rain says he’s making a comeback, he’s coming back in every way he can. Aside from a musical one, he’ll be starring in a new drama later this year and teaming up with the writer and director of Chuno. The drama will be called Runaway, but the details around the drama have not been confirmed just yet.

Kim Yuna and David Chang (the chef of the popular Momofuku Noodle Bar) are included in Time’s 100 Most Influential people. Michelle Kwan writes the article in praise of Kim, and it’s no wonder why. As for David Chang… yeah, I cannot deny that Momofuku is darn popular. When I tried it, the place had just opened, so perhaps the menu wasn’t as defined as it is now, and it wasn’t perfected just yet. I felt that it was normal food at high prices. But then again – I didn’t get the exotic options that he seems to offer now. Others included on the list are Lady Gaga, Jet Li, Sandra Bullock, and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan. (Jet Li’s article was written by Donatella Versace too – odd couple eh?)

source: allkpop, asiae, dramabeans, Time


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