Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye Interview with Mook 21



Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye had an interview with Mook 21 magazine, a Japanese publication. The following is an excerpt from their interview.

It is clear that the two of them are good friends (but I don’t think anything more than that… although they’re pretty generous with the compliments). The entire interview was translated by the Park Shin Hye International Community – so kudos to them for sharing it with the fans!

Mook: We heard that you guys are very close, do you see each other often?

Jang Geun Suk (JGS): Actually if I walk from my home to Shin Hye’s, I only need 5 minutes. However no matter how many times I have said, “Come to my house to play!” she doesn’t come.

Park Shin Hye (PSH): I didn’t say that!!

JGS: My mother loves Shin Hye very much.

PSH: His mother really likes me, next time I will visit his place for sure.

Mook: I understand that you two had worked together once before because of a famous cosmetics brand’s CF. Do you still remember how it was like when you first met?

PSH: I remember that the first time we met was at the costume fitting, but before that CF, oppa and I already had starred in a mini drama before. From a long time ago, I had already heard that he “has a very handsome face, is very hardworking at learning how to act, and is a very friendly person.” When we first met, I was a little nervous, but Geun Suk oppa was very friendly to me.

JGS: Actually when she first saw me, I think she must have thought that I didn’t have any image at all! (laugh)

PSH: I did not! He was very handsome, therefore I was very shy and didn’t know what to say or do.

JGS: Why?

PSH: Because you’re too handsome!

JGS: Hmm… you’re not kidding are you?

Mook: So during this time’s filming, have you found anything new about each other?

PSH: Oppa has a perfect image, but he also has some easily-spotted defects.

JGS: Haha.

PSH: But he is really outstanding at acting. However busy he is, he never takes a break from learning acting skills. So I am really thankful that I have a chance to work with him. Moreover he always takes care of the younger ones.

JGS: But I also frequently forget my lines.

PSH: Sometimes when I saw that he had forgotten his lines, but still talk on the phone at the filming venue, I would scold him angrily.

JGS: (laughs) I was always being scolded.

PSH: During the filming, whenever there was a free time, oppa would text a certain someone nonstop. So I was trying to stop him from using his cell phone at the filming place.

JGS: (serious) No, I was actually discussing with the producer about my character, but was always said by her that I was doing this doing that. Ah I couldn’t tell her everything that I was doing, right?

PSH: Don’t lie. I am sure that person was not the producer.

Mook: After seeing the filming venue, did you have a completely new outlook?

PSH: When all ANJELL members got together getting ready to film at the 5m deep swimming pool, Hong Ki, Yong Hwa and I thought that there were safety equipment and measures around, so we were pretty relaxed. But Geun Suk oppa was asking around nonstop about things like, “What if accidents happen? What should we do?”

JGS: I was preparing for any emergencies, because I thought I was responsible. The three of them didn’t think about these kinds of things and were yelling: “Let’s go play happily!” while jumping into the pool. So I was frantic and thought that I must analyze the potential dangers before getting in. In case something dangerous happens, like those in movies, I could give my oxygen tank to others.

PSH: Sometimes he looks like a top student, but sometimes he also surprises me with his silliness.

JGS: Ah…haha.

PSH: This also led me to give bonus points to oppa, and has increased his charisma and attractiveness. I resent people who are too perfect. Although Geun Suk oppa is very perfect, he is also very silly sometimes – this resembles Hwang Tae Kyung. After meeting oppa, I feel that under these circumstances, oppa becomes more attractive. This is a compliment.

JGS: Thank you for earnestly complimenting me. Before this, many people recommended letting Park Shin Hye to take up the role of Go Mi Nam. Actually, when I heard that it was confirmed to have Shin Hye starring as Go Mi Name, I started to look forward to it. Surprisingly, she let me see many shining opportunities and talent, so I felt very secure working with her. Among the ANJELLs, Shin Hye is the only girl, we thought that she would find it hard to fit in, but she fit in seamlessly and could portray her character very well. Thanks to her, everyone could happily finish the shooting.

She is hardworking and an earnest learner. She is much better than me at this. I remember that she would give me scary glares when I was goofing around. Looking at her serious attitude at acting, I admire her. I told myself that I had to work harder at portraying my character – couldn’t let Shin Hye defeat me.

PSH: (putting on an adorable face) I was only looking at oppa’s face, wanting to catch up with him.

JGS: Whoa! What a scary kid!

The rest will come up shortly! Part II is here, Part III is here.

source: park shin hye international community, karrenstar @ soompi


11 thoughts on “Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye Interview with Mook 21

  1. WoOoh!xo cuTe. .bt how r they nOw?any nw updates??their mOvie aireD late hr in the phIl.!Im wandErng f the aiR in korea s stl the same 4 the bth of thm!,anyweiz,jgS is my nO. 1 idol.goO2.

  2. i love this pair soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that i cannot describe how much i like.i will be really happy if they date eachother in the real life.

  3. i love you i love korea and i love every day lovely day and i love super junior so much i love jeremy in film you beatful becose he is so fun and i love jang yong hwa so ilove whatch movie merry me merry please raed this becose this so amizing you know what why the super junior only come to indinesia this is my city mum my mum from indinisa but iam from u.a.e and my dud too kiss me jang yong hwa and jeremy.
    i have 7 sisters and boy 1

  4. PSH said => “Don’t lie. I am sure that person was not the producer.”

    according to your source….. so that means JGS is talking to someone else? tsktsk

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