News Bits: 4/19/10 Edition

‘Eyo! ‘Eh-‘eh-‘eyo!

I’m feeling a little scatterbrained today because it’s near the end of the year, and yet I’ve been in Senioritis mode since… oh let’s face it, since You’re Beautiful came out.

Back to the news!

S.H.E. are heading out to do their own thing this year. At a press conference, Selina revealed that she is going to host a television program; Hebe will be releasing her solo album; and Ella will be preparing to make her film debut. Though they’re all doing their own thing, they haven’t given any inclination that they’re going to split up. Their “group duties” are sort of accomplished already since they’ve released their 10th album S.H.ERO on March 26th. Ah well, best of luck to them!

As reported before, Lee Jun Ki will be participating in both the film Grand Prix and a drama called Faith later in the year. But he also has to go to the military. He is currently in discussions to defer his entrance date to the military so that he can complete all of his obligations before then. (I agree! Firstly, he made the deals before knowing that he had to enter within the year, and secondly, we need more Lee Jun Ki before he disappears from the face of Hallyu world for two years!)

Shin Se Kyung has been keeping busy… or at least, I feel like I’m seeing her everywhere… Not only does she have a photo spread for Vogue Girl, but she is also in a new LG Cyon commercial with none other than Daniel Henney. GOSH – they look so cute together in the commercial (check seoulbeats’ site for the longer version). Her posing… not so much – I wonder what’s her obsession with keeping her mouth partially open. (Random thought – I was watching Romantic Movement: Seoul – which was on Dramafever and stars Min Hyo Rin – and I just realized that they look quite similar… no? I’m probably not the first to say that)

By the way – on a tangential note, Romantic Movement is such a beautiful short film, and I think it only has four parts to it. The first two parts have a very touching, sad feel to it, and the last two parts have a very whimsical tone that is pretty cute and experimental.

sources: asianfanatics, asiae, allkpop, seoulbeats


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