Behind the Scenes with OML, PP, PT

There is no way I can pass up an opportunity to put up a cute kid’s photos here. There is also no way I can miss the opportunity to see Yoon Eun Hye‘s pretty face here too. And there is no way I can’t report about the other two and not about Prosecutor Princess!

BEWARE – spoilers may abound with these pictures, depending on how far you are in the series.

If you’ve been following Oh My Lady (which I must admit has fallen to the wayside for me, but it doesn’t mean I won’t continue! I will once the work load lightens up…) then you’ll surely have seen Choi Si Won connecting with his beautiful “daughter” Ye Eun, played by the cute Kim Yu Bin. My gosh they are so ADORABLE! Choi also wrote up online gushing about his “daughter” and saying that Yu Bin is his “lady” over Chae Rim! *and there my heart just melted*

Then there is a bunch of photos from Yoon Eun Hye‘s cameo appearance on Personal Taste. From the looks of it, neither look too happy about this little reunion, but then again, it just might be the stills. There are also a bunch of stills of Lee Min Ho cozying up with Son Ye Jin and a cute little boy for a family photo shoot. I have no idea for what purpose that they made these photos, but the kid is cute! (I THINK he played the child version of Lee Byung Hun in IRIS)

And finally, Prosecutor Princess – reportedly there will be a kissing scene between Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon in Episode 7 (airing this week). But! Is it a fake out? Or is it the real thing!?

Personally – I just went KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! over them

sources: dramabeans, pallycute @ soompi forums, rubie @ soompi forums


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