News Bits: 4/17/10

Jang Geun Suk continues to melt the hearts of Asia with his latest appearance in Beijing. His fan meeting could seat 3,000 and all the tickets were sold out. Many fans even came to the airport to greet him. Dang… that is devotion.

Kim Yuna returned to Seoul to perform at the 2010 Festa on Ice, following her gold-medal win at the Vancouver Olympics. She performed SNSD‘s “Run Devil Run” with a few other female skaters.

The video shows her making the moves clearly, but there’s just a big fat dark head in the way at times… Well! Didn’t really stop me from enjoying her moves, and she looks quite happy on the ice.

Big Bang will participate in the Japanese soundtrack for IRIS. This is the first time Big Bang has participated in both the Korean and Japanese soundtrack versions for a drama. They haven’t released many songs in Japan – only three – but will perform a ballad called “Tell Me Goodbye,” which is both different from their image and different from their “Hallelujah” for the Korean soundtrack.

sources: seoulbeats, omgkpop, asiae


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