Yoon Eun Hye Does Double Duty

Yoon Eun Hye recently flew to Paris for a photo shoot for W Korea. Instead of an edgy or a cutesy or a catalog photo shoot, this one shows off her more feminine side. One of the photos makes her appear more curvy than she really is too (which I think is also the sexiest of all the photos).

But she is not just a model! She will also have a cameo role in Personal Taste for next week’s episode. She will play an ex-girlfriend of Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) and will bump into him and Kae In (Son Ye Jin). That has got to be awkward – especially with Kae In still believing that Jin Ho is gay.

I think that’s a cute funny twist for her particularly – it’s like poking fun at her previous drama Coffee Prince, where this time the tables are turned (the guy in the relationship is considered gay).

I like it when actors poke fun at themselves or other dramas. My particularly favorite to date is in City Hall, when Kim Sun Ah‘s character says that she used to date hotter men than Cha Seung Won – one of her exes being Hyun Bin!

sources: dramabeans, allkpop


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