News Bits: 4/13/10 Edition

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t – but I’ve been following Prosecutor Princess with fervid adoration. And what more to make me happy but to see this:

Yehay! A fat Kim So Yeon! The makeup is friggin’ amazing – I can’t even tell it’s Kim So Yeon under all that prosthetic! – until you get to her hands. Really – huge gloves for hands?

Anyways, the episode featuring her in a fat suit will air this Wednesday and Thursday – can’t wait!

An update on DBSK‘s lawsuit against their company SM Entertainment. When the three members had sued, the court had ordered a temporary contract injunction. SM Entertainment didn’t appeal against the injunction because they hoped that the group would still continue their activities together. When that didn’t seem likely – especially with the ending of group activities in both Japan and Korea – SM Entertainment recently filed an appeal against that injunction.

The injunction basically means that the court ruled that SM Entertainment cannot interfere with the 3 members’ entertainment activities – effectively putting a temporary halt to their contract. With this appeal, who knows if they can win and save DBSK from disbandment.

The official trailer for the movie Into the Fire has been released. Starring Cha Seung Won, T.O.P., and Kwon Sang Woo, the film depicts the battle between 71 South Korean students against a North Korean army during the Korean War. The trailer can be seen below:

I judge the film based on trailers usually, and the editing was so slick that I felt that it might just become another war movie with an emphasis on the grittiness and fast pacing with no real story line. Then I saw the scene where there’s a close – up on T.O.P, and he shuts his eyes and looks away before he fires the gun… That’s when I knew that this film might just be better than I initially thought.

This could be T.O.P’s breakout film the way Ninomiya Kazunari‘s breakout film was his role in “Letters from Iwo Jima”. I’ve got that same exact shivery vibe…

The last scene in the trailer cracked me up. I don’t know what Cha said – but the visual just cracked me up.

Wang Seok Hyun opens up an online shop – and he’s only 6 years old! The little star of My Fair Lady and “Speed Scandal” is now a little entrepreneur, and his online mall is catered specifically towards children’s clothes (what else?). Gosh this kid is way too cute…

And last but not least: Spotted – landing in Honolulu International Airport was Oh Ji Ho – presumably taking a well-deserved vacation break after the breakout success of 2010 Chuno. One fan managed to recognize him and took a picture with him.

sources: asianfanatics, allkpop (also photo credit), seoulbeats


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