News Bits: 4/12/10 Edition

Uhm Jung Hwa‘s film “Bestseller” is in talks for a Hollywood remake – and it hasn’t even been released in Korea yet.

This is EXACTLY what I am discussing in my graduation thesis – how U.S. is ripping off of Asian culture and then skewing it as it remakes the films – and what I have been having a problem with since my high school years.

Thanks to the ridiculously “awesome” Roy Lee (note the sarcasm, note the sarcasm), the producers of the film have been approached to sell the copyrights so that Vertigo Entertainment (Lee’s production company) can produce it in conjunction with another Hollywood studio. He’s already helped remake a lot of Asian films, including “The Ring” and “Infernal Affairs” (which became, “The Ring” with Naomi Watts and “The Departed” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon). There’s good and bad for every remake that is made (usually the bad being the remake is worse, and the good being the Asian original film gets a lot more attention that is due), but honestly – before the film is even released?! When no one knows if it’ll be a box-office hit or not!? (Although it probably would be – but let’s not count our eggs before they hatch, yes?)

Onto other news…

Park Jaebeom is definitely not staying out of the spotlight even though he is no longer part of 2PM. He has been approached by his producer-friend to appear in the film “Hype Nation,” of which Son Dambi was originally going to star in (before she wisely dropped out). There are conflicting reports on when the film is to be released, but I trust that it’s not going to be a wide release. It doesn’t even sound that great – an American dance crew faces off a South Korean dance crew? Really? Like we haven’t had enough “Step It Up” and bad “Bring It On” sequels – now we need something with Asian “spice”?

Hmm. I’m sounding snarky today…

Anyway! Here’s one that’s a good news bit:

A group of celebrities joined UNICEF and Basic House’s joint effort to help the children in Africa – called the Never Alone Campaign. The campaign included celebrities posing in Basic House’s specially-designed T-shirts, including Kim Hyun Joong, Yoon Eun Hye (who’s well known for modeling and taking part in these charity shoots), Lee Min Jung, Park In Hwan, Julien Kang, and many more. Check out the link for more pics and information!

And uh oh- but is Lee Hyori plagiarizing again? After the incident with Britney Spears years ago for plagiarizing Spears’ “Do Somethin'” with “Get Ya,” now there are similarities with Lee’s “How Did We Get” and Jason Derulo‘s “How Did We”. The beginning is exactly the same – and both are ripping off from Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s” song (which by the way is one of my faves even though it’s music video terrorized me when I was young).

It doesn’t look like Derulo’s song has an official release yet – you see it on YouTube but no music video. And I haven’t heard it on the radio – so PERHAPS this may be a situation similar to SNSD‘s “Run Devil Run.” Derulo made a sample and Lee bought up the rights to release it…?

sources: asiae, allkpop, omgkpop


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