News Bits: 4/8/10 Edition

A new ATHENA casting news has been made and confirmed:

Instead of Ha Ji Won, Su Ae will be joining the cast as a profiler in the National Anti-Terror Service. She’s sort of in Kim Tae Hee‘s role (even sometimes reminds me of her in the looks department), except she’s also a double agent. (OOOOO – twist!) Also, the two female leads will be on the same side this time (but the second female lead will most likely be a through and through good agent). So… is she a double agent working for Cha Seung Won!? HMMMM….

I know I mentioned it somewhere before… but I never really fully believed it: DBSK really is disbanding. I’m not heartbroken, but this group has been around for a while and racked up an impressive fan kingdom. It’s so weird to see them disbanded, especially when I thought they could have gone on for a few more years. I guess it’s just “time”, no? Not to mention all the in-fighting. Like, it’s not the same as them halting their activities – but they’re REALLY disbanding. This just makes me more afraid ARASHI might disband… 😦

On to cuter news: A.N.JELL was featured in the Japanese magazine “Korean Drama TV Mook 21”:

Download the Japanese version of Promise by Lee Hong Ki

On to sadder news: Philippines can’t get enough of Korean dramas. First they did a remake of Lover in Paris – which was fine and dandy and done alright-y. But now they’ve outright copied You’re Beautiful with the drama Adam or Eve. It’s featured on the GMA-7 channel, and apparently, rival channel ABS-CBN already bought rights to air You’re Beautiful. Is that messed up or what?

Rochelle Pangilinan plays the dual role of twins – the boy having to drop out because of a physical abnormality and the girl being a member of a church choir and taking his place. The premise is very similar, and there is high likelihood there will be more similarities as the series airs. This. Is. Ridiculous.

sources: dramabeans, asianfanatics, pep, it’s a k-pop thing, soompi – karrenstar


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