I Heart Chuck!

I digress – this is supposed to be an Asian-centric blog. But I will break that rule here!

OK here’s a juicy tidbit – Jang Geun Suk has been confirmed for You’re My Pet! But really – would you expect anything otherwise after the rumors ran rampant throughout many blogs? 🙂 Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

Back to Chuck.

If there is anything that draws me away from watching any Korean dramas on a Monday night (and I STILL have to catch up on Oh My Lady), it’s Chuck. The best, crazy fun spy show in YEARS. If NBC does not renew it for the fall, I’m going to throttle someone and boycott all NBC shows (except for The Office, but I’ll watch it online so that it doesn’t get any ratings).

Why is it so awesome? Because even though it’s only on its third year ( it’s always had short seasons though), it never fails in pulling all the stops. It’s always risky and always changing, and always fun. Chuck (played by the awesome Zachary Levi) never strays far from being the lovable dork he is. The past recent episodes had him acting like a complete hero, but it’s all because he’s a dork.

This is the one show that has me screaming at all the “right” moments, giggling with delight,  and leaving my jaw dropped. It’s a little cheesy where I have my biggest reactions, but that’s how much I care for the characters. That’s how well the writers have built up the characters and let them evolve naturally but in a goofball setting that never fails to lose its charm.  It’s scary because usually shows save all their tricks for the end of the season, or for the last season it will ever have. Look at Ugly Betty – even though it’s always been a little out-there, this season they’re really becoming eye-catching, even having the last few episodes being shot in England no less. Not some green screen in New York, or LA – but England! And while Chuck doesn’t really do that (I doubt they went to Paris in the last episode, or went to any foreign location ever for that matter), it doesn’t fail to shock. They keep changing one element in each episode. Earlier in the season they had the main couple break up. Then they had peripheral characters discovering Chuck’s identity one by one – I mean really, that’s something you usually save for maybe the fourth or fifth season! To do that now makes it feel like it won’t last beyond its third year!

I love the way that Chuck is going – and I honestly hope it never changes its formula. It’s way too fun to let go. Kind of like You’re Beautiful, or Hana Yori Dango.



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