News Bits: 3/27/10 Edition

Today is gonna be short! And I mean bite-sized!

But all about break-ups too!

Let’s start with the easy one: Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo are rumored to have broken up. Their agencies both denied these reports, even though both of them have very busy schedules. (You never know though – Song seems to fall for her co-stars, and agencies can do all sorts of lies and tricks to maintain an image. And how do I know? Because I am a self-professed “expert” due to watching You’re Beautiful. Har har…)

Now the heavier topic: Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi (better known as Ah Sa or 1/2 of the pop duo Twins) recently reported her breakup with Ronald Cheng – also a singer and actor. They have been together for 6 years already, and their breakup was fueled with rumors of infidelity. However – it turns out that the two of them were married! For four years they were secretly a married couple. They met in 2004, got married in Los Angeles in 2006, and now are filing divorce papers. What’s amazing is they managed to keep their marriage under wraps for so long. This announcement clarifies a lot of the rumors that swirled around them, but it’s quite shocking considering their celebrity status. Last time I heard about Charlene Choi was back when she was filming Butterfly Lovers with Wu Zun and there were rumors that they liked each other – guess THAT was never true!

All I need now is news that Brangelina secretly got married and that’ll just keel me over…

sources: popseoul, asianfanatics


One thought on “News Bits: 3/27/10 Edition

  1. I think being a celebrity is a difficult life choice. sure they got fame and money but in the other hand they lost their privacy especially when it come to personal life. So I understand if many celebs want their love relationship to be a secret from public eyes, but to hide a marriage for 4 years is beyond me. Marriage is suppose to be a happy event in everyone life and it have to be celebrated (by family, friend & fans) and it should be publicated, so I don’t understand why would they hide it. I see a different culture between Chinese (Hongkong & Taiwan) & Korea entertainment industry here. Many Chinese celebs try to hide their marriage from public eye (Andy Lau & Leon Lai cases) maybe cause they believe it will tarnish their fame or image ? while Korean celebs will announce their marriage to the world (although they’re dating in secret, i.e JDG case).

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