‘Triple’ x ‘You’re Beautiful’

You know me – I have hawk-eyes for news about Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk. (‘ShinGeun’…’HyeSuk’…)

Song Joong Ki and Min Hyo Rin both starred in the ‘indie’ drama Triple, while Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk starred in the underdog-hit drama You’re Beautiful… and now they’ve switched partners.

Song and Park will be featured in advertisements promoting the 11th Jeonju International Film Festival as ambassadors. JIFF will be held in late April, and so Song and Park’s cutesy photos are meant to evoke a springtime feeling.

On the flipside, we have Jang and Min looking all photo-finish cool for Instyle Korea, promoting the Tommy Hilfiger line. They’re bringing in the ‘tude.

source: allkpop


4 thoughts on “‘Triple’ x ‘You’re Beautiful’

  1. Song ang Park look ok to me, but it seems Jang ang Min doesn’t. Min Hyo Rin look so out of place, she needs to study proper posing and practise her best angle otherwise she will always looks like this. If you have Jang as a partner you better make sure to match his calibre or you would look so ordinary beside him . In comparison, Song and Park looks way way more beautiful than Jang and Min. I’m sure if its Jang and Park it would be a picture perfect judging from the past picture they have, coz’ Park know how to match Jang.

  2. YES…totally agree with Curly!!! Jang and Min does not match at all…she seems sooo out of place ….but of course, if it was JGS and PSH together than the picture would be sooo perfect…portraying a beautiul perfect couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. == bias == Jang and Min..I think they’re good celebrity match too.=) anyways.. nothing changed whoever match with him. Still his very cute=)

  4. i agree…yo curly…but..i think i am the most fitted person…to be jang geun suk’s partner..looking forward to hes new drama “mary stayed out all night’….love geun suk oppa so much

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