The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry: First Impressions

Ah – I finally started watching this drama. I’ve been excited to watch it because the recaps on dramabeans‘ site were so fun and lively that I was sure that they reflected the spirit of the drama.

And boy was that right.

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry follows the adventures of Shin Young, Buki, and Da Jung as they look for a perfect match…even though they are in their thirties and considered “old” in the dating game.

Honestly, I don’t understand why “30s” must be considered old. It’s not that old – and I am starting to think that the thirties are the new twenties, the forties the new thirties, and so on and so forth. But! That’s Korean culture for you, eh?

I watched the first episode (and that’s not much to base an opinion on just yet) but it’s really light and breezy. The issues are there – a woman’s social status and all the barriers that must be broken, as well as issues on how to date and deal with heartbreak – but its handled in an efficient manner so that viewers don’t get bogged down with the dramatic emotions. After a “wallow in self-pity” scene, we switch to one of comedic smarts.

And the character of Buki (played by a sharp Wang Bit Na) is awesomely smart. She’s the best friend I need. Or aspire to be. Her comments reflect exactly what viewers would think when they see a “helpless heroine recently dumped by ‘Prince Charming'” – she gives you that much needed shake by the shoulders and screams, “WAKE UP AND MOVE ON!” Awesome.

Park Jin Hee, who plays Shin Young, is actually hilarious. In the beginning I was distracted by the dimples in her chin, but after a while it didn’t bother me as much. She’s funny in her quirky way, and has the smirks to go with it. It’s all in the subtlety…

Of course – I cannot miss commenting on Kim Bum. This is the first time I’ve seen him in a drama (again – I have NOT seen Boys Over Flowers!) but he’s so refreshingly smart-ass in his role that he cracks me up too. He knows he’s good looking and rocks it. I admit I thought it would be weird to see him fall for someone significantly older than him. However, they look SO CUTE together – and he fits my main criteria for a guy: he’s taller than her. =D

This series also stars Lee Pil Mo (of Sons of Sol Pharmacy), Uhm Ji Won (On Air, Ruler of Your Own World), Choi Chul Ho (Queen of Housewives and the upcoming Dong Yi), and Park Ji Young (Who Are You? – fave drama!)

Watch it or don’t watch?

I’m keeping this on my radar.

Photo credit: soompi


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