News Bits: 3/8/10 Edition

I am clearly procrastinating on doing work, so I checked out some entertainment news. Here are some of the more interesting bits I found:

Ethan Ruan was discovered going to a hotel with an unknown female. He explained that the girl was a friend’s girlfriend. Ruan’s girlfriend Tiffany Xu still maintains her trust in him that nothing happened. (Ruan’s baby face is too irresistible, that’s all.)

The drama with 2PM doesn’t end. Taecyeon’s minihompy featured a new message: “This is a new start. Shall we do it together?” But fans are still angry. (Women may forgive, but they’ll never forget.)

Jang Dong Gun is getting married! His lucky girl is Ko So Young, and their wedding will take place in early May.

Moon Geun Young is sick with Hepatitis A, but the production of Cinderella’s Sister continues as their premiere date looms ever closer. (The drama premieres on the same day as Personal Taste – March 31st. You know what I’m watching!)

Supposedly, SNSD is going to come out with a new image known as “Black Soshi.” Fans got to see a glimpse at the end of the MV for “Oh!” and now they can’t wait to see the sexy makeover these cutesy girls are going to have. (Who wants to bet this new image will be timed with ATHENA?)

And now – time to watch Stars Falling From the Sky episode 17!


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