News Bits: 3/31/10 Edition

We are quickly arriving the end of March!!!

With that, it means there is one full month (April) before the start of the Shanghai Expo 2010. (I SO want to go – if I only had the money…) There are nearly 200 countries participating in this expo event, and with that, South Korea is sending its very own Lee Jun Ki as an ambassador to the expo. Lee enjoys big popularity in China, so it is only fitting that he be sent to drive the tourists and locals craaaaaazy! 🙂

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News Bits: 3/30/10 Edition

Yoon Sang Hyun (Queen of Housewives, the drama-bomb My Fair Lady) is hitting two birds with one stone: he’s making his singing debut AND crossing over into Japanese pop-charts. He will be releasing a Japanese single “Saigo no Ame”, which is a remake of a J-pop hit by Nakanishi Yasushi. He sang in Queen of Housewives OST Neverending Story – and he’s not too shabby. Here’s to waiting for his Korean single-singing “debut”!

Ha Ji Won was featured in the “2 Hot 2 Handle” column in OMG! Yahoo – showing off her Roberto Cavalli dress from the Baeksang Awards. Continue reading

News Bits: 3/29/10 Edition

There is happy and sad news.

Choi Jin Young, the younger brother of Choi Jin Shil, recently committed suicide. His death comes 18 months after his sister’s and mirrors the same situation. He was an actor who was planning to return to acting earlier this month. He had been battling depression like his older sister, but now he leaves behind his niece and nephew (his sister’s children). I cannot believe that such a thing could happen and I’m unhappy that he couldn’t reach out and stay strong – especially for the sake of the kids. Now the kids have lost their mother and father figure. Though it would be bad if they ended up under their father’s custody (the notorious baseball player Jo Sung Min, who had domestically abused Choi during their marriage), I do hope that their father can get his act together and be there for his children too.

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Oh! My Lady – Episode 1-2 Review

Oh My Lady was not really a drama on my radar, but I watched it since I was curious – it’s supposed to be a drama version of the movie Speedy Scandal. What’s interesting is that it’s not just one little kid – but two! And they’re not all passed off as Cha Tae Hyun’s progeny. One is Choi Si Won’s, and the other is Chae Rim’s – thus throwing two single parents under the same roof.

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News Bits: 3/27/10 Edition

Today is gonna be short! And I mean bite-sized!

But all about break-ups too!

Let’s start with the easy one: Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo are rumored to have broken up. Their agencies both denied these reports, even though both of them have very busy schedules. (You never know though – Song seems to fall for her co-stars, and agencies can do all sorts of lies and tricks to maintain an image. And how do I know? Because I am a self-professed “expert” due to watching You’re Beautiful. Har har…)

Now the heavier topic: Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi (better known as Ah Sa or 1/2 of the pop duo Twins) recently reported her breakup with Ronald Cheng – also a singer and actor. They have been together for 6 years already, and their breakup was fueled with rumors of infidelity. However – it turns out that the two of them were married! For four years they were secretly a married couple. They met in 2004, got married in Los Angeles in 2006, and now are filing divorce papers. What’s amazing is they managed to keep their marriage under wraps for so long. This announcement clarifies a lot of the rumors that swirled around them, but it’s quite shocking considering their celebrity status. Last time I heard about Charlene Choi was back when she was filming Butterfly Lovers with Wu Zun and there were rumors that they liked each other – guess THAT was never true!

All I need now is news that Brangelina secretly got married and that’ll just keel me over…

sources: popseoul, asianfanatics

News Bits: 3/26/10 Edition

The Baeksang Awards took place today/yesterday in Seoul. Daesang Award went to Go Hyun Joong for her work in Queen Seon Deok, and best drama went to IRIS. For a complete listing and pictures of the stars, go to dramabeans site. It’s awesome that Jang Geun Suk won the popularity award for his role in Itaewon Murder Case (and surprisingly not for You’re Beautiful) – and he was dressed well to boot! Disappointed that Smile You didn’t get acknowledged, but you win some and you lose some? Anyways – weird to give IRIS so many awards…

HK = FOOD. CNN did an awesome article on the best things to eat in Hong Kong – and it really made me salivate. O.M.G. ’nuff said. Just read it – or at least look at the pictures… (that’s what I did – hehe) Ohhhhhh it makes me want to go back to HK so bad!!!!

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Personal Taste Interviews

With Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Suk, and Wang Ji Hye – these interviews were quite enlightening. Didn’t realize Kim Ji Suk was going to the army this year, and Wang Ji Hye is totally embracing her evil character – which makes me wonder how well she’ll pull it off.

Here is a shortened version of their interview. For the full thing, check out part one here and part two here.

Q: How did you choose to do “Personal Taste”?
Son Ye-jin (Son): Up till now, I have played characters that were older than my actual age. I don’t really look old, but I had come to choose older parts because I was trying to show my serious, deep side. The film “White Night” was very hard on me psychologically and physically, so I wanted to do a fresh, young drama befitting my age for my next work. So it wasn’t hard to choose “Personal Taste”.
Lee Min-ho (Lee): I wanted to do a masculine drama, so this was actually what I thought about the hardest when trying to choose my next role. I thought hard and I thought about the image that the public had of Lee Min-ho — probably closer to a young man rather than a real man. I think I would do a better job playing heavy and more defined roles when I am older. I think “Personal Taste” was perfect because it is bright, cheerful but you can also laugh and cry over it as well.

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IRIS Ending Changes in Movie Version

So IRIS‘ ending wasn’t thaaaaaat great. It’s not as controversial as High Kick Through the Roof‘s ending, but it wasn’t satisfying either. Not to me at least. I hope I don’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it or heard about it, but you have now been warned…

With the movie version that came out on March 22nd at the 34th Hong Kong International Movie Festival, the ending was changed where you DID see who the sniper-killer was, and supposedly it was a “close, but unexpected acquaintance.”

That makes it either Kim So Yeon’s character (revenge for hurting her heart – hehe), or Kim Seung Woo’s character (taking the revenge on behalf of Kim So Yeon – hehe). Or it could be anyone at NSS even.

I’m curious who they say the killer was, as it will certainly enter IRIS canon, but I also like not knowing.

Either way, since IRIS 2 the REAL sequel, is coming out with Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byeong Hoon, looks like he really survived after all… (aaaand a disappointed groan comes out of my mouth…)

source: allkpop

News Bits: 3/25/10 Edition

As another testament to their good friendship, Jun Matsumoto showed up at Shun Oguri‘s radio program “All Night Nippon.” Oguri would be leaving at the end of March, so Matsumoto decided to join as a surprise guest. They met on the set of Gokusen, and supposedly Matsumoto is credited to getting Oguri a part in Hana Yori Dango, as he would only work on the drama if they hired Oguri. On top of that, Matsumoto requested that Oguri guest in his last drama Smile. (Awesomeness… now if they can star in another drama together again…)

The Housemaid is credited as one of the best Korean films of all time… so it is only natural that it gets remaid. (Ha ha – get the pun? Yeah? No? Lame? Ok I’ll stop.) The teaser trailer came out, and you can check it out on dramabeans’ site. The film will be released on May 13, and stars critics-darling Jeon Do Yeon as the housemaid of the title, and the awesome Lee Jung Jae as the philandering husband. Seo Woo stars as the wife (which I think is a little weird because not only is she years younger than Lee Jung Jae, but she looks like a 15-year old next to Lee’s dashing, roguish looks.)

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Getting to the weekend…

Just surfing the web, I came across this promo picture of Rain for his new album. He has a girl’s face stuck on a man’s body.

I honestly can’t wait for the weekend, when I’m probably going to watch the first two episodes of Oh My Lady, and try to watch Dong Yi, and also catch up on The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry – busy busy! But excitingly so!

If only papers could disappear…

photo source: allkpop