Vancouver Watch 2010: Ohno’s Last Race(s)

This will probably be my last Vancouver Olympics post =D And then, it’s back to the dramas!

I watched the 500m race that was Apolo Ohno’s last individual race. No matter what he says, he definitely caused the Canadian Tremblay to fall. In a race at high speeds and the slightest of bumps can cause a crash, any prolonged hand contact on another can definitely be seen as a push.
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Vancouver Watch 2010: Kim Yu Na wins Gold!

Kim Yu Na shot her competition away.

Not that surprising, considering someone of her caliber. Her skate was really amazing in the sense that it was a true performance. Her transitions were smooth and her jumps were high and fast. Actually, everything in her performance was fast. There was nothing missing from her skate – no mistakes, and everything was clean. Her limbs looked so long – perhaps because she kept them loose and relaxed, making her whole performance graceful.

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: Another J-Dorama

As I continue my quest to cover a whole bunch of Asian dramas that I am watching right now…

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is based on a manga starring Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN and Oomasa Aya. Four beautiful boys live in a mansion together, and are allowed to live rent free if they can turn the landlady’s niece into a true lady. Sounds easy – until they realize that the niece is a Goth-type of girl who hates anything girly.
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Vancouver Watch 2010: Women’s 3000m Relay

Here’s hoping that the Olympics website does not crash as the 9,000 angry emails get sent from South Korea.

Assuming you’ve watched, or even if you haven’t you will hear about it soon, the 3000m short-track speed skating for women’s was tonight. As expected, the South Korean team led, aggressively making their way from third to first. The Chinese women’s team were favored to win (although I don’t know why), but they lagged behind in second despite their early lead.

The reason? Near the final laps during the switch off from one skater to the next, the South Korean speed skater nudged the Chinese speed skater with her skate, pushing the Chinese woman out sideways just a bit, but enough for South Korea to get further ahead.

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Vancouver Watch 2010: Ohno/Celski vs. South Korea

I am going to preface this post by saying I am expressing my opinion only, however biased I may sound.

Last night was the 1000m short track final, with the two Koreans Lee Jung Su and Lee Ho Suk winning gold and silver respectively, and Apolo Ohno winning the bronze. I’m sure the Koreans are very happy because all of their countrymen who made it through to the end won the top two positions, and so Ohno is faultless for winning bronze. The week before during the 1500m race, when Lee Ho Suk and Sung Si Bak wiped out, there was a negative backlash against Ohno for it.
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IRIS: An Overall Review

Here is the obligatory Korean Drama love triangle (l-r: Hyun Joon, Sun Hwa, Seung Hee) – it exists no matter what genre you are watching in.

When I embarked upon this series, I had no idea where it was going to go. I thought it would be fun and full of action with amazing sequences and great storylines – I mean, something must have been good about it to keep pulling in high ratings and consistently beating out my favorite drama You’re Beautiful.
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Easy Fortune Happy Life: Episodes 1-5

I am watching this Taiwanese drama for two reasons:

1) I have to watch it eventually for my Chinese class (yep – I’m watching a drama for my Chinese class)

2) It’s Chen Qiao En. Chen Qiao En!

The premise is rather simple – and since it’s a Taiwanese drama, the plot moves along really quickly. Xie Fu An (Chen Qiao En, Fated to Love You) and her younger brother Pi Dan live in Fu Man mountains with their elderly grandmother, who is an expert in traditional Chinese medicines. She has taught her granddaughter Fu An everything there is to know about her trade.

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Why You Should Watch ‘Wish Upon a Star’

…if you aren’t already.

I don’t usually take to dramas very quickly. I would either have to like the actors first or be REALLY interested in the story/writers before I would watch something of my own accord. That being said, ‘Wish Upon a Star’ was not really at the top of my list for 2010. I was more curious about ‘Pasta’ (hello? Foooood!) and ‘God of Study’, so why bother with a lighthearted story that might give me too much angst later on?

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Hello world!


My first post in my first wordpress blog – woot woot! And I have to admit I like the cheesy title that it gives for your first post.

I just wanted a space where I could discuss Asian entertainment at my pace, whatever I want when I want. But of course, most will be about Korean dramas – my vice!!  And so, to start off this new decade, I have one resolution: to watch  more dramas this year. And then another resolution would be to learn Korean – heh!